Fiction – Cleaning Up (Part #2)

Cleaning Up Pt.2

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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Wes didn’t know he had pulled it off. He had to be nuts, to just walk away from such a beautiful looking cock, one that was available too. Not like he got offered that everyday. Specially from someone like Paul. He leaned forward on his sink, staring at his face in the mirror, wondering if he shouldn’t just run out and fall onto his knees, and start sucking that pole.

His whole body was tingling as he stared in the mirror. His eyes shone like diamonds. He knew he was totally aroused, and the ache inside was making him flushed. His cheeks showed it too, as he reached out to turn on the cold water. Before he could, he heard the soft in and out of someone breathing, and turned to find Paul standing in the bathroom doorway.

A smile crossed his face as he noticed that while he still had his shirt on, his pants weren’t. He stood there in his underwear and socks, a strange look on his face. There was no doubt he wanted to say something, but hadn’t a clue on how to say it. Wes leaned on the counter, his legs spread apart, showing his own bulging basket off. He saw how Paul looked at it with hunger in his eyes, desperation too as his hand moved down his body, to pull at the bulge in his shorts.

Wes saw Paul looking at him, his eyes moving from Wes’ crotch up to his face, then back down again. His hand continued to pull at the bulging penis inside the shorts. He just smiled as his eyes found Paul’s and his own hand moved down his chest, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. He took his time, watching the way Paul would lick at his lips, anticipating every move, waiting to see Wes expose his upper body.

Paul’s eyes never moved far astray from Wes’ hands. He was hooked, and Wes knew it, as he undid each button with agonizing slowness. It was driving him nuts too, and he could feel his own cock aching, and straining at his shorts. Soon, soon he thought, as he finally popped the last button.

With his shirt open, he then moved his one hand up slowly his midsection. Wes made sure the shirt was open, and he twisted his own position, so that Paul could see his exposed tanned skin. He wasn’t disappointed as he saw the tongue licking the lips more often, the eyes showing their hunger more.

Slowly and carefully, he moved his hand up and as it came to his upper chest, he slowly caressed the skin, then moved it over to one side. The hand pushed the shirt open more, showing his firm nipple, and then the fingers moved around, caressing it and pushing the skin around it.

He took his hand off and brought his finger up to his mouth. Wes never took his eyes off of Paul as he licked each of his fingers, then he reached back down, and ran the moistened finger tip over his exposed nipple. He saw the little start in Paul’s body, hearing the hitch in his breathing as well. It was as he had hoped, as he took hold of his nipple, and pinched it.

There was a soft whimper, and he looked down to see Paul had his hand under his shorts now. He was stroking his cock as he watched Wes playing with his own nipple. Wes let a small smile cross his lips, as he moved the hand back down his chest, to play lightly with his belly button. He noticed how Paul’s eyes were still glued to every movement his hand made.

The fingers moved down over his own jean, and reached down to caress his aching groin. He heard the moan, as he sighed a little. Wes was holding his breath, making him hurt as he brought his hand back up, and slowly popped the button. The sound startling them both, and for a second Paul looked up. Their eyes met and Paul smiled, then immediately let his gaze return to staring at Wes’ hand and crotch.

Slowly Wes reached down, and unzipped the pants. He let the open jeans dangle for a second or two, then he moved his hand inside the jeans, opening them just a little more. His hand reached down and rubbed over his aching cock. He saw the eyes widen as Paul continued to just stare.

Wes glanced down towards his own crotch, then over towards Paul. His own eyes now widened as Paul had pushed his underwear down a little, to free his throbbing cock. His hand was slowly stroking the long hard shaft, as he watched Wes. The sink counter was starting to hurt his buttocks, but the rest of him was totally enthralled by it all. The ache inside was growing, as was the heat. He was sweating as he brought his hand out, and pushed his jeans down to his knees. He leaned back upright, to let Paul just look.


The single word was whispered as Wes just smiled. He might have been older, but it didn’t mean he was dead in the dick department. The encouraging word only added to his pleasure as he reached back down to place his hand back under his own shorts. He grabbed hold of his cock, and began to stroke it under the shorts. Paul’s eyes looked like they would bulge out of their sockets as he stepped into the bathroom. His own shorts were around the lower thighs, his cock out and was being stroked a lot harder now than before.

Wes turned his head and lifted it upwards as he took his hand out from under his shorts. He pushed the thin fabric down, to rest at his knees with his jeans. His cock was free, and it was sticking out in the air. He knew there was a drop or so of pre cum on the tip, and he reached down with one finger and flicked it up onto the finger. He brought his finger up to his mouth, as if he was going to taste it, then he stopped and turned his head toward Paul.

He then moved his hand as if beckoning to Paul, who sucked in his breath at the gesture. Then quickly he bent over, and pushed his shorts down his legs, and stepped out of them as he came over to the offered finger.

Looking now into Wes’ eyes, he reached out and took hold of Wes’ wrist. The touch was like a jolt of lightning, and his whole body was quivering to the touch. It took him a second, before he felt Paul move his hand towards Paul’s face and open mouth. With his eyes staring into Wes’ eyes, he took the offered finger into his mouth. He closed his lips around and pulled his head back, taking the drop of pre cum with him.

Wes heard him swallow and before he could do or say a word, he saw the handsome face disappear. Then he felt himself being pushed upwards, and he sort of shimmied up to sit on the edge of the sink. Paul had his hand now on Wes’ hips and his body was wedged in between Wes’ legs.

Paul moved his hands down to the inside of Wes’ thighs. His fingers moved outwards, digging into the soft hot flesh of his thighs, as he sucked in some air. He was nearly panting as he looked down, to see Paul’s head bending toward his groin. His body stiffened as he felt the soft brush of Paul’s lips on his belly, then they slid down towards his crotch. He kissed him just below the belly button, then just where his pubic hair met his stomach.

Every muscle in Wes’ body began to constrict, and ache in torment as he tried to hold on. His body was aching to burst, as Paul finally moved his face down, to kiss lightly at the inside of his thighs. The hands moving his legs apart a bit wider. His cock now was touching Paul’s chin, aching to cum. Pre cum was oozing out like a burst hydrant. He didn’t know if he could hold back, as he let his hands reach out off the counter, and hold onto Paul’s head. The fingers began to twist and twirl the hair, itching to just grab hold and push the head down onto his throbbing pole.

He cried out a little. More of a groan really, as Paul now raised his head so his mouth was just over the shaking cock. Wes felt the hot breath over his cock head, and he couldn’t wait. His hands untwisted from the hair, and lay flat on the back of Paul’s head. They quickly began to push downwards, urging the young man to take it in his mouth.

Paul resisted and then moved his head to one side, and let himself go down and his tongue was out, licking now at Wes’ body. It was between where the legs met the body. He felt his head fling backwards as he let out a loud moan of pleasure. His legs twitched too, bumping Paul’s arms that were on top.

As he groaned, he heard a soft whimper coming from Paul. The tongue was licking him hard, then suddenly it stopped. He felt the air over the wet skin, cooling him but it didn’t last. Paul had moved his head back up over his dripping cock and in one fell swoop, Wes felt his cock being slid into Paul’s waiting mouth.

The lips moved quickly along the hot flesh of the cock. The tips of Paul’s teeth scraped the taut skin as the whole cock was quickly sucked up by the mouth. He felt his cock head move past and down into the waiting gullet. It made his head spin as he put his hands back onto the counter, to keep him from falling off. The waves of pleasure were overwhelming him as his body shuddered to the sudden warm enveloping his cock.

His balls ached like they had never ached before. Every fibre of his body was screaming its pleasure. His mind was overwhelmed, as Paul sucked the hard cock. He could feel the tongue underneath, licking at the underside of his shaft. He groaned loudly now, his eyes clenched shut. Still strange jabs of lights flashed before him as Paul dug his hands into Wes’ upper legs, holding him still. His head bobbed up and down, as he worked the hard cock, making Wes moan constantly.

He was almost at that point, ready to spew his load and he knew he couldn’t hold it back. He cried out, yelling that he was about to cum, and he felt Paul stiffening. Just as he finished yelling, his whole body suddenly arched upwards. His legs shot out, stiff and growing numb as he felt himself lift his buttocks up off the counter. Paul pushed his head down, meeting the upward thrust of Wes’ body.

The face ground into his crotch, his cock firmly impaled deep into Paul’s mouth as the cock head reared back, and then sprung forward. His whole body rocked as he shot that first heavy load of cream down into Paul’s throat. He heard him gag a little, then swallow and swallow a second time. He felt the hot cream backing up along his cock, then slowly drain away as Paul took it all, drinking it eagerly. The hands were digging deep into his flesh as his body reared back, and fired a second load.

Wes tried to open his eyes, but they hurt from the salty sweat that was dripping off him, like he was in a shower. His arms ached, the fingers white at the knuckles as he felt his body trembling to its release. His cries still ringing out in the small room.

Finally he was drained, and Paul lifted his head up off the softening cock. He leaned back, to stare up at Wes. The eyes weren’t as hungry as they had been, but now had a mischievous twinkle to them, that made Wes’ heart skip another beat or two. His body was still quivering as Paul stood up. He was also still rock hard and Wes’ eyes looked down at the massive thick cock that seemed to be waving at him.

Still panting, he looked up to see Paul smile at him, then turn and walk out of the bathroom. He stopped briefly at the door, looking at Wes over his shoulder. Looking at Wes, Paul then brought his own finger up to his mouth, and stuck it into his mouth, all the way up to his knuckle. Then slowly he withdrew it from his mouth and turned and walked out of Wes’ sight.

Wes felt himself shake, as he let his body slowly slide off the counter. He stepped out of his pants, and shorts as he headed towards his bedroom, out of the bathroom. He reached the door, wondering if Paul had left or had gone back to the living room?

As he left the bathroom, he saw Paul stretched out on his bed. His legs were spread wide apart, the hard throbbing cock sticking straight up into the air. His head was tilted, looking towards the bathroom.

Wes smiled, as he realized that Paul also liked to play. He grinned, as he looked at Paul, at every inch of him, saying nothing.

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