Fiction – Cleaning Up (Part #1)

Cleaning Up

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

Brad and Ken were the last to leave, leaving him alone with Paul. It couldn’t have worked out better if he had planned it actually, as he had a secret yen for Paul. After all, Paul was one of those you naturally enjoyed being around. He was fun, always had a smile for you, and that alone could get his cock hard.

To think that Paul had volunteered to help stay behind and clean up was in itself a treat. Wes wasn’t used to the consideration, given that he was the oldest of the group. Not even sure why he was with them, as they were all either 18 or 19 and he was already an old man, in their eyes, at 25.

He wasn’t under any illusions either. They hung around for the pizza, the beer, and what ever else he had available. That and he had his own place, free from siblings or parents made it an okay place to be. Then too, the big screen television helped as the one thing they did have in common, was sports. Everyone of them were sport’s junkies, and hell, a big screen TV was the ultimate rush.

Wes looked around at what was once his clean room, shaking his head and seeing Paul smiling. His musings quickly were forgotten as he smile back, wondering what had made Paul stay behind this time? It wasn’t the first time they had all been over, and the mess was no bigger than normal, but he had to stop thinking about it. Instead he should just enjoy the help, and the company. Besides, it was always pleasant to watch Paul bending over or just simply moving around. He had that body that made you dream, made you truly want to just reach out and strip those clothes off.

He was tall, good build and had sort of longish hair. His eyelashes however were quite long, and made him have sort of a feminine look to his face. It wasn’t rough looking, like his or say Brads. The nose was perfectly portioned to his face, long and angular. The ears were cute too, and Wes would sometimes wonder it would be like to nibble on them, to lick around them, then dive in.

Okay so he was a bit of fetish nut. He liked foreplay, when he could get it. To him, Paul would be an ideal partner, one who would not only enjoy being played with, but who would play back. Not a lot of guys his age were into that, most were the ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ type. Paul just never seemed that way, though Wes wished he could find out.

Cleaning up was not a chore he liked, and it always made him daydream. Just like now, as he idly picked up empty glasses, and pizza boxes, to put away. His mind was lost in it’s normal fantasies and he didn’t notice Paul and where he was cleaning up. He just kept on doing things automatically, as he had done so many times before. It wasn’t that he was ignoring Paul, just that he was so used to the routine, he simply forgot that Paul was there.

Least physically, because in his mind he kept thinking of how it would be to strip him, to make love to him. Not the quick slip him the tongue routine, then flip him over to fuck, but the real love making, where time stood still as they explored each other’s naked bodies. That was what he wished for, dreamed of, and so when he finally remembered that Paul was there, it was too late.

He turned around, looking for more stuff to pick up when his heart froze. His eyes widened, and his mind was in shock. Panic was suddenly reaching its icy claws around his entire body as he saw Paul standing by his desk. In his hand was an open magazine, one he had quickly pushed under his chair, when everyone had begun to show up. Wes went white as a sheet, as he remembered how he had been flipping through the magazines, stroking his cock.

The fear inside was tearing him apart, as he hadn’t a clue what to do or say. It would end his association with the others, that was certain. He knew Brad was a bit of homophobe, and he assumed so where the rest. Now there was Paul, the object of his own dreams, staring at the magazine, open clearly to the centerfold section. Wes felt the sweat forming on his forehead, as he remembered just why that magazine had been his choice. The centerfold was a close likeness to Paul himself.

Wes watched as Paul closed the magazine and placed it on his desk, next to the computer keyboard. The young man stiffened a little, you could see it in his shoulders, and the way his back looked more rigid than normal. He just waited, knowing it would turn ugly soon enough, without him having to speed it along. He gulped a little, feeling how dry his mouth was, and as he did, Paul turned around to stare at him.

‘You get off on that stuff?’ was softly spoken. The eyes were narrow, and as he turned fully around to stare at Wes, there was no mistaking a bit of hostility in his stance, and his voice.

All he could do was nod, and swallow again, his hands tightly held at his side. He didn’t know exactly how Paul would react, or if he’d get violent even. They really hadn’t known each other that long, and while he had yearned for him, never in his wildest dreams had he imagined this kind of situation happening. Normally he was pretty careful about leaving that part of his life well hidden.

He didn’t know what to do, or say. All he could do was stare at Paul, who seemed unwilling to say anything more. He turned his head and once more picked up the magazine. He flipped it open to the centerfold again, and Wes thought he would explode right there and then. His legs were weak from fear, and yet looking at Paul, the way he stared at the glossy photo was also rather exciting. The model, was like Paul, and the one picture of him had him smiling, that always reminded Wes of Paul’s smile.

The page flipped and Wes knew Paul was now looking at that exact photograph. His palms were wet from the sweat, and his heart was pounding. It echoed in his ears so loudly that he felt like the ear drums would explode. He licked his lips as he saw the concentration on Paul’s face, the way he looked at the various photographs displayed on the page, and not once did he turn back to look at Wes. It was unnerving and finally the magazine was dropped back onto the desk.

Paul simply turned around to face Wes. He couldn’t help but let his eyes wander over the tall young man, and despite his fear, his eyes glanced down towards Paul’s crotch. They were surprised to notice a very large bulge showing in the pants, and quickly the eyes moved back up towards Paul’s face. He noticed immediately that he had been caught too, and the fear grew.

‘He one of your favourites?’

It was said rather sternly and all Wes could do was nod again. He didn’t know what to do, whether to simply turn and run out of his own house, or try to toughen it out. His mouth was dry as he stood rock still. The pain in his legs made him grimace a little as Paul turned his head to glance at the magazine cover and then back at Wes.

‘Kind of looks like me’

It was so matter of fact, that it took Wes a second to comprehend. Then he saw the little grin flash across Paul’s mouth and for some unexplained reason, his heart began to calm down. The sudden fear was held at bay as he studied the face closer. He didn’t see any anger there, but rather a softness that made him feel easier, as well as more excited. After all, that bulge was still staring at him, and once more his eyes travelled down the torso to stare at it. It was reflex really, and as his action registered, he quickly jerked his head back up, to see this time a smiling face.

Wes found his voice, though it sounded shaky as he told Paul, that yes the guy featured in the magazine did resemble him. He waited, not sure how Paul would react.

‘You think? I don’t know, seems a bit skinnier than me.’

‘Uh, a bit’ was all he could manage, and this time he noticed Paul staring hard at him. He couldn’t help but see those long eyelashes flutter, and the eyes were making him feel like he was being x-rayed. They were so intense looking, but not unfriendly. He gulped again, as Paul moved a step back, to lean up against the desk. His buttocks resting on the desk edge as he looked directly at Wes.

‘Think I really look like that? Down there?’

As he said it, Wes noticed his hand moving down his thigh, rubbing it in a way that only made him feel very hot and flushed. His eyes couldn’t help but glance over the even larger bulge, as he felt the intensity of Paul’s stare increase. He shivered a little, not sure how to respond, and he didn’t dare look up at him either. Every part of his own body was tense, nervous as he tried to gauge how angry Paul was, if he was. It was not like he could tell, and the question was one he had asked himself each time he had selected that magazine. Was Paul that well hung? He sure as fuck wished he knew, but this didn’t seem like the time to express that desire, or was it?

His mind was confused but it made him look up at Paul. There wasn’t any sense of anger visible, and instead there seemed to be a sort of amused look in his face. It was as if he was being teased, which might not be a bad thing.

‘Not sure, possible I suppose’ was all he could think of to say. Suddenly, he saw Paul grin as he replied, that maybe they should find out. Wes didn’t know how to answer, but it was taken out of his hands, so to speak as he saw Paul reach down and undo the button to his pants.

His eyes bulged as Paul then unzipped the jeans, and spread them open to expose his crotch encased in a pair of very light blue under shorts. At first, Wes wasn’t sure if they were boxers but as Paul pushed the jeans down to his knees, he frankly didn’t care. Instead he stared at the sudden view of a long thick tube jutting out and across. He could see the outline of the thick long cock, and he almost fainted, as he saw a bit of pink poking out from under the waistband of the shorts, near the other thigh.

The pose was very similar to one in the magazine. The model was leaning on something, his body naked, but for a pair of y-front shorts, that were wet. Inside was a very long outline of an erect cock, and while Paul’s shorts weren’t wet, there was no mistaking the hard cock they held. Glancing up, he saw Paul reach out and flip open the magazine once again. He turned a few pages, all the time just leaning there, his hard cock making Wes ache all over. He couldn’t stop staring at it, taking a second or two to glance upwards, but always going back to marvel at the hidden gem being shown him.

Paul suddenly made a sound of success, a sort of grunt, as he found what he was looking for. He turned back to look at Wes, and then took the magazine, folded to one page, and held it down next to his crotch. There was the picture that Wes had recalled, and it was side by side with Paul’s own live version.

‘So, think we are the same?’

‘Hard to tell’

‘Well come on, get closer and look. You think he’s the same as me or not?’

He was being played with. At first he wasn’t sure, if the invitation was a ruse to get him closer, to attack, but the voice sounded sincere. The eyes were amused, as he hesitantly stepped closer, one slow step at a time, until finally he was only a few inches from Paul. If he was trying to trick him to getting closer, to hit him, he was well within range now. Instead Paul pushed the magazine closer and pushed his hips out a little.

‘Well? Whatcha think?’

‘I uh, well I uh, I think you are uh, longer, and uh…’

Paul pulled the magazine up and looked at it, then at his own crotch, as if he was trying to gauge if he was longer or not. It was making Wes feel like he was in some dream. No angry words, no lashing out, instead it almost seemed clinical, like two teenagers, trying to see who had the biggest wiener. Hell, it was exactly like that, as he remembered his own first time seeing another male naked. Course back then, it was just juvenile curiosity, but now, now it seemed all very different.

‘Mine’s thicker too, see’

Paul pointed at the next photograph, that showed the fully exposed penis of the model. He could see it was thick but as he looked, he saw Paul reach down, and felt like he was about to collapse, as Paul pushed his shorts down, exposing the gorgeous cock to Wes.

He licked his lips as he stared at the swaying pole, the large exposed cock head, that seemed to point straight at him. He felt the weakness in his knees, as he merely nodded, unable to speak. His breath had been taken away, but the sudden appearance of Paul’s cock and his body ached to take it, to touch it and feel it. Course he wanted to do more, as he felt his own body groaning with the excitement of the moment. His eyes blinked a few times, as he tried to clear his mind, to even maybe dare take this a step further.

Looking up at Paul, he saw the twinkle in the eyes closer. There was no mistaking the glint either and suddenly he felt totally relaxed. His body found strength in that twinkle, as he reached out to take the magazine, and then he held it next to Paul’s.

‘Yep, guess yours is thicker too.’

‘And it’s a lot tastier too, I’ll wager.’

Wes looked up and grinned. His fear was gone, as he saw the smirk on Paul’s face. Looking back down, he saw the hand holding the aroused cock, pointing it right at him. He saw the dangling balls beneath and decided he’d have his own fun.

Instead of taking the offered pole, he placed his hands on the young man’s hips, and bent his head to one side as he kneeled down, until he was facing the hard cock. Then moving his head below, he licked at first one dangling ball, then the other, and then back and forth he went. He heard a moan and then he simply sucked one ball into his mouth. Wes let his tongue lick at it, then quickly he pulled his head away, letting the wet balls dangle there.

He had no idea where he got his nerve from, but instead of moving up to suck on the offered cock, he leaned back and stood back up. He looked at Paul, and smiled.

‘Tastes okay’

‘Okay? Just okay?’

‘Well, for the moment, yeah, but hard to say. After all did have a few beers, and that might effect my taste buds.’

Smiling, he reached down and gave a quick tug on the hard pole, and headed for his bedroom. Wes had no idea how he managed to not just get on his knees, and begin to suck, but then that was part of the fun of foreplay, to build up the excitement, to make the desire unbearable. It was a gamble, but hell, Paul was worth it, he thought, as he entered his bathroom.

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