Fiction – Backroom Pro

Backroom Pro

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

Copyright © 2007 ? All Rights Reserved

He splashed more cold water over his face, then straightened up to stare at his reflection in the mirror. There were a few lines on his forehead, a few wrinkles even under his dark green eyes, but that was more from his lifestyle than old age. 30 years old and he still had what it took, as he smiled.

Smiling added to his appearance, took away the tired look and made him exactly what they all saw. His face was angular, narrow and not puffy, despite the lack of sleep or the amount of booze he had consumed. In all honesty, it was a face that made many take a second look, and some angle for a trip to the backroom of the bar, where he was well known.

Morgan adjusted the cowlick that kept hanging down, as he wondered if he’d manage one more score tonight, before last call. It wasn’t that he was a slut, like many of the establishment queens thought, it was simply that he enjoyed cock, and besides, it also was about not having to spend a fortune getting drunk. A perfect combination for him these last few years.

Few trips to the backroom generally satisfied his craving for cock, which also helped keep his bar tab down. Funny how many would come out of the backroom after a few minutes with him, and wind up spending a small fortune on buying him drinks the rest of the evening.

In all honesty, he wasn’t exactly an Adonis, but he had good manly features. His body was flat, thanks to a constant regiment at the local Gym, and eating right. He kept himself in shape, riding his bike or jogging as well and his belly was flat and solid. He prided himself on that aspect of his life, as he wiped his face, keeping his eye on his reflection.

The stirring in his groin made him stand up and finish his clean up. He did want to try for one more trip to the backroom, as he still hadn’t found one to suck him. Funny, but most nights were like that these days. The younger crowd all wanted their dicks sucked which suited him, but by the end of the night, he was so friggin horny he needed his own blow job. Wasn’t that he had a super huge cock that made people gag either. It was average in length, perhaps a bit thicker than some, but not overly thick. He sighed, adjusting the growing lump in his pants.

It had been a normal weekend for him so far. He stared once more at his reflection, knowing that if all else failed, he could entice one of the more senior queers to go into the back and service his cock. Still, he kind of was hoping he wouldn’t have to resort to that, as there was one or two of the more newer boys that had possibilities. Not many had eluded him totally, but he had his eyes set on either that new kid from Chicago, Greg, but he seemed a little too fond of himself. Then there was the one who had shown up just last weekend for the first time. Taylor or Tyler was his name, and he was definitely a prize worth pursuing.

Maybe this would be his introduction to the backroom. Morgan decided to once more make an effort to get him back there, and hell, even if he didn’t get his dick sucked, he wouldn’t mind taking a taste of Taylor, Tyler’s cock. Damn, he wished he knew for sure which is was, Taylor or Tyler.

On his way out of the bathroom, he spotted an earlier conquest, Stanley, who was talking to the object of his latest desire. He stood by the door, waiting for him to finish talking so he could find out exactly what the new kids name was. As he leaned against the wall, the waiter showed up with a drink for him. Another thank you from a grateful client, as he liked to call them.

Sipping at the drink, he surveyed the crowd, wondering who would be a likely candidate to service him, but he kept going back to stare at Stanley and the tall young blond new kid. Finally the kid moved away and Morgan made a straight line to Stan. At last he had his name, Taylor, and the hunt was on.

Last Call was an hour away, but he felt the urgency as he started to seek out Taylor. The kid had all the right parts. Longish blond hair was a turn on for Morgan, that and a well built body. He looked natural too, not like some body building freak with overblown muscles rippling under the tight clothes. He wore faded denim jeans, not too tight nor too loose. You could get a good view of what his package was like, which was another plus for Morgan. He hated surprises.

Spotting Taylor, he began to make his way towards him. Along the way a couple of his earlier conquests stopped him. One even reached down to give him a quick grope. He smiled at that and gave the guy a rather special smile. Looking at him, he remembered how good his cock had tasted not more than three or so hours earlier. Maybe if he couldn’t score with Taylor, he’d come back for Mark and convince him to return the favour. Now that might be interesting. Yet, somehow he didn’t think Mark would be as good sucking him, as he had been in sucking Mark.

If anyone asked about Morgan, they would all say he knew how to suck cock. It had taken him a long time to develop his technique, and it varied too. A lot depended on the size of cock he was confronted with. If it was a thin one, he generally liked stroking it while sucking on the balls. That helped get them a bit thicker which fit nicely in his mouth. He enjoyed tickling it too with his tongue, sort of scratching it with the raspy part of his tongue. Made them groan nicely, which was a turn on for Morgan.

Then the thick cocks, they were the challenge, as he enjoyed the press of the hot flesh down his throat. Certainly was a challenge in getting his throat to take it too. He didn’t like it when people gagged on cock, so he did his best to not gag himself when taking a nice plump piece of cock.

Sucking cock was an art, you didn’t just take the hard pole into your mouth and move your head in and out. You had to do a damn site more, to make sucking more enjoyable, for yourself as well as the person being sucked off. Too many forgot that, but he didn’t. He was a professional, or so he liked to think. Besides, he had to be doing something right to get so many into the back room.

A slap on his left butt cheek made him turn around with a scowl. He stared at Jake, who just smiled and handed him a drink. He laughed and gave the young 21 year old a hug. Now he had a nice cock, one that fit just right down his gullet, and it was always clean too. Freshly scrubbed he thought, and Jake was a frequent partner into the back room. He enjoyed the scent from his crotch as he would fondle the balls, and kiss lightly the thick shaft. It always made Jake reach down to grip his shoulders a bit tightly. That would generally be his signal too, to suddenly gobble the cock into his mouth, all of it until his nose was pressing hard into the soft groin. That definitely made the hands clench his shoulders hard, and made Jake groan too.

Some of the others would look, but then would get back to their own business. Jake was vocal, and it helped to spur Morgan on. He liked to know that what he was doing was being enjoyed. Running his tongue around the shaft while he pulled back would send shivers down Jake’s backside, his too. He liked the way the young man was so sensual, so aroused.

The taste of the cock was always good too. The way it would almost immediately be spurting pre cum would make Morgan reach down to squeeze his own cock. He liked Jake’s taste. It wasn’t too sweet or salty and it didn’t take him long either. That part was rather a bonus when he was on his knees. The floor in the back wasn’t exactly made for long contact.

Jake’s balls were always full too. They were huge in fact and Morgan would enjoy sucking on each one individually. He had taken them both into his mouth a couple of times, but it wasn’t easy. He liked the feel of those eggs moving around when his tongue would push. The leathery pouch was musky but pleasant to taste.

Thinking of Jake, and how he would moan and move to Morgan’s sucking was making him stiffer. He could feel his own cock aching and he patted Jake on the shoulder as he glanced around, seeking his prey. He spotted Taylor by the bar, and smiled, as he moved towards him. Least he was getting closer he thought as he sipped at the drink in his hand, the memory of Jake still fresh in his mind.

He rather hoped that Taylor had a cock like Jake. One that would fit nicely into his mouth, and had that same fresh scent to it. He liked the smell of sweat mingled with soap. It made him a bit more horny as he squeezed past two more of his recent clients. It was becoming harder to move through the crowd, as many were up and enjoying the last hour before heading home. Many were hoping to go home with someone, so they were all out there, making their last pitches, before going home empty handed for the most part. The few lucky ones were pretty well already set, and as he moved closer to Taylor, he had to wade through several hints and suggestions from friends and others.

Rarely did he take anyone from the bar home. It just wasn’t his thing, but as he glanced at his watch, he felt he’d make an exception if it was Taylor. He spotted him again, and noticed how nicely he filled his jeans. The rear shot was making him lick his lips as he moved faster, not wanting to miss this opportunity. It was sort of like a badge of honour for him now. He wanted Taylor badly, and he didn’t want to take the chance he wouldn’t be here next week.

Even thinking of Jake and his hot body, his wiry pubic hairs pressing up into his nostrils didn’t deter him from moving forward. Jake was always available and while a good suck, he didn’t often return the favour. Once or twice he had, but he just wasn’t up to Morgan’s standards in that department. He didn’t take enough time working the cock up, nor did he manage to keep his throat open enough so as to not gag. That alone was enough to not make him a candidate for the moment, or for going home with either.

He moved in closer, still thinking about Jake and the others. He had Roland when he had first come to the bar tonight. That made him smile as Roland always was a good first cock. He wasn’t as thick as Jake, but he had a nice little bend to the front of his cock. It sort of felt weird at times, taking it down his throat, but it fit perfectly actually. The head was super sensitive as well and when he would run his tongue under the cap, well he could feel Roland shiver and shake.

It was odd how so many would tremble while getting their dicks sucked. The hands were a giveaway too, as they would tighten each time he had struck a nerve or added a good jolt to their senses. That spurred him on, but he didn’t dwell on it either, not wanting to ruin the feeling. That was another thing about many who sucked cock. They stayed on doing one thing too long.

He liked to change the motion, the action. One second he would deep throat the pulsing pole, another he would be licking the underside with his tongue, while running his hands up the stomach, making the muscles ripple. He kept his hands busy when sucking, not just holding onto the hips like most did. He would work his tongue too, licking and even kissing various body parts, while stroking the pole. Another thing many didn’t do right.

He didn’t always use the whole palm of his hand, but would use his thumb and forefinger. The backside of the thumb was wide enough and with the right pressure would really make the cock shake and tremble. He liked that, to feel the cock jerking around under his grip. Morgan didn’t like to stroke for too long, and always when stroking he liked to be sucking something, either the balls or he would even nibble at the sac, teasing it with his teeth. He liked to hear them moan then, and it always was followed up by a quick suck. That made them really shake and always got him ready to take them, right then and there.

Usually they would cum without much warning, so he was always ready. He liked the taste while many didn’t. It didn’t really matter how salty or sweet it was, it was cum. There were one or two who he wouldn’t swallow, simply because the taste was a bit off, but for the most part, the younger guys had the saltier cum which was a turn on for him. He loved how it would fill his mouth, and flow thickly down his throat. Morgan would suck hard, swallowing at the same time so as to not let a single drop go past his lips and down his chin.

He was closer now to Taylor, and he suddenly saw the blonde turn around and stare directly at him. His heart skipped a beat as he saw the interest sparkle in the eyes. Morgan felt his cock throb a little, as he moved closer, to where he could almost smell the young man. His own eyes were desperately trying to send him a signal, and he saw the eyelids flicker as Taylor blinked.  The boy’s lips curled up into a smile, as if he had received Morgan’s signal. Encouraged, Morgan moved a little faster, ignoring Timothy’s greeting. One more his better clients but he was too absorbed with Taylor now.

Finally he came up to him, and as he did he smelled the fresh scent tinged with a bit of sweat. His eyes met Taylor’s and sparks seemed to fly between them. He had been talking with some old queen, who quickly frowned at Morgan, but then realized how hopeless it was. The older man moved away, and Morgan squeezed into the vacant space before anyone else could.

Taylor look at him, with a knowing smile and it made Morgan’s heart race. His pulse was going a mile a second as he smiled back, enjoying the eye contact as well as the aroma of the boy’s cologne and body. His shirt was slightly open, exposing a golden tanned upper chest. A small gold chain, simple yet tasteful hung down and Morgan noticed the small tufts of curly blond hair resting around the open v spot of the shirt.

Morgan couldn’t help himself as he stared at Taylor, from top to bottom. He noticed that tight fitting pants, the bulging crotch that showed the young man’s interest. He smiled at that, wondering just what was there as his eyes moved back up to stare at the smiling face. The golden tanned face was grinning as he sipped at a nearly empty drink.

Signalling to the bartender, for two drinks and pointing at Taylor, he found the boy’s smile grow wider. He settled back, no longer caring if last call was coming up or not. After all, he could always take home his work, where he’d have much more comfortable surroundings, than the back room.

He smiled back at Taylor who took the fresh drink into his hand. Raising the glass and nodding to Morgan, he took a swig of it before suddenly introducing himself. His voice was husky and laced with his obvious desire and then he looked towards the back room. With his head tilted he looked back at Morgan.

Licking his lips in a slow longing manner, Taylor stared at Morgan, then said, ‘Not much time’. Morgan smiled and downed his drink and indicated for Taylor to finish his as well. The young blonde quickly downed the drink when Morgan looked at him, smiled and said.

‘We can get a cab out front’

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