Fiction – Craig’s Bedroom

Craig’s Bedroom

By Gaystoryman (Ian Kovnats)

Copyright © 2006


Craig stared at the rumpled bed and shook his head. It hurt a little as he noticed the one king size pillow tossed to one side on the floor. It sat there, with a light wet spot that Craig just knew would be a bitch to get out. Why the hell did he not hide the stupid baby oil? Not only was his pillow showing the stains, but the entire bedroom stank from its nauseatingly sweet scent.

He let out a sigh as he bent down to pick up the pillow. His thin face was taut as a slight hint of Zac’s perfume wafted past his nostril. God he could still smell the guy as if the surfer boy was still in the room, even though he had left long before the sun had risen this morning. Craig wasn’t sure if the sigh was for Zac being gone or for the annoying mess his bedroom was now in.

How he had ever slept in that mess still amazed him. The blanket was all twisted around and not in its normal nearly unruffled pattern that he was used to. The bed sheets look like they hadn’t been washed for years instead of having been fresh before he had brought Zac home.

Craig knew he was a neat freak. It was just who he was and despite his mother’s insistence it wasn’t because he was a homosexual. Funny how she’d never call him anything else, as if the word had less importance or distaste in her mouth as she spoke it. His thin pale lips cracked a bit into a smile as he thought about his mother and what she would say if she could see his bedroom now. It would almost be worth it to invite her over but he quickly lost that notion as he reached out to begin stripping the bed down and get things ready for the laundry.

The smile however didn’t disappear as he started to pull off the large blue patterned sheets. The smell of baby oil continued to annoy his nostrils but at the same time, he rather started to enjoy it. It made him think more about Zac and how all had led up to last night. His brown eyes spotted the empty Condoms before he rolled up the sheet. They too made him smile and he felt the sudden ache in his ass as his mind recalled the very sound hard pounding his butt had gotten last night.

It wasn’t like he had never been fucked before, but last night had been special. The way Zac had twisted his long thick cock deep inside of Craig’s ass was something he wasn’t used to. Nor was he used to the different ways Zac kept positioning him, to make sure he felt every inch of that monster prick as it ploughed hard into his butt. God it was like he had been a virgin the way he had screamed out with each thrust of Zac’s body into his own.

The neighbours upstairs sure didn’t appreciate it at 3am when they had pounded on the floor above his bedroom. The smile turned into a grin as he remembered how it hadn’t slowed Zac down one bit but in fact seemed to have made him push harder and deeper. It was almost as if he was trying to match his rhythm with the pounding of the homophobic pricks upstairs. The small little laugh escaped his lips as he tossed the used Condoms into his waste basket. Somehow it just didn’t matter then and even less when the apartment manager had called to complain about the noise this morning.

Nothing seemed to matter really as he thought about Zac and how they had met, and how they had simply hit it off immediately. It wasn’t like some chance meeting in a nameless bar or darkened back room. He had found Zac while surfing some personal ads at Cruisingmen247 and one thing had led to another.

The profile had been a little bit dull actually and the picture wasn’t exactly crystal clear either. Yet something had tweaked his interest and so he had sent off an email to the nickname next to the photo. The reply had sort of surprised him as he tended to think most of those sites were fake. He hadn’t really expected an answer but there it showed up, in his inbox.

Next Craig knew was that they had arranged to meet in the chat room and well, from there it had just seemed to move along on its own. The talk had lasted for over an hour and it was almost as if he had known Zac forever. They had similar tastes in movies and music even. That was rare to begin with but it had blown him away when he found out that Zac was also an avid Gameboy player. In fact his favourite game was Mario Bros 4 which Craig had only just bought the night before contacting Zac.

Maybe it was kismet he thought as he bundled the soiled sheets into the hamper and began to sort out the pillow cases. The smell was no longer annoying but he opened the window wide anyhow. Wanting to air out the stale smell of sweat and cum that made the room seem dingy and cheap. Not like it was some sleazy hotel room but it sure stank like one this morning but it felt good. The constant pain as he moved and walked attested to that.

Craig knew that for the next encounter he would get something other than a bottle of baby oil. Maybe he’d invest in some of those fancy lubricants that had special scents. He wasn’t sure but he had noticed them in the novelty section of the site and hell, it couldn’t be worse than waking up to the odour of baby oil. Still it did rather excite him too as he felt his own dick thickening a bit at the idea of smearing some fruity flavoured oil over Zac’s milky white flesh.

He had never met someone so white before. I mean most of the guys he had managed to date or see with their clothes off had some sort of tan to their skin. Zac on the other hand was an exception to that. The guy was under 6ft and skinny. Not like he hadn’t eaten but just not well filled out. He wasn’t one for the gym or such but he wasn’t a 98lbs weakling either. Hell the way he had thrown Craig onto the bed, and tossed his legs to either side when he first went down on him still made him tremble a little.

The shaking in his legs reminded him at just how forceful Zac had been. There was no nonsense in his desire to fuck Craig and he had taken charge right off. It was almost bordering on some of that kinky stuff he had heard about but not quite there. The commanding tone of Zac’s voice when he had more or less ordered Craig to strip still echoed a little in his memory. The voice had a lilt to it that made him obey. Something he rarely ever did for any others, but for Zac it just felt right.

After the first few minutes nothing seemed to phase him. He was definitely what he would call Zac’s love slave as he let the man do whatever he had wanted. He had only dug his heels in once, when he had insisted that Zac suit up but it wasn’t like Zac argued too hard about it. It made him think though about what would he have done if Zac had refused? Somehow he was happy he didn’t have to find out because damn it, the guy had the looks that would be hard to deny. No doubt in his mind of that as he could see him now. The chiselled face and the ear length dark hair added to the man’s character. It sort of made him seem taller too and yet that was an illusion. Craig was taller but he didn’t seem to feel that way when he was naked with Zac.

Funny but he had always enjoyed the foreplay, the simple pleasure of watching the other guy get naked or him getting the other guy naked. With Zac is was so fast that he almost thought that the guy had shown up naked. There simply wasn’t any pretence or build up but then , it was what he had expected. In their chats Zac had said he wasn’t into the mushy stuff. That was certainly no understatement because it wasn’t long after they had entered Craig’s bedroom that he was biting the pillow and screaming blue murder as Zac’s cock dove into his unprepared rectum.

Still he would have liked at least some foreplay, some finger action or such to get loosened up but Zac was too forceful. Besides, as he thought about it, in some ways it sort of made the sex even more intense. It sure as hell hurt but in a good way, that even now was pleasing. He could still feel the pain lancing thru his body as the hard thick cock had first entered his ass. The condom lubricant the only juice to help guide the pole along his insides. Man it had felt so rough, and yet so thrilling.

With the sheets all in the hamper, he stared at the naked bed. The grin on his face reminding him that he needed to get a move on. After all it was mid afternoon and he had promised that he’d have dinner ready by 6 when Zac would come back. Craig licked his lips wondering if maybe this time he’d have a shot at riding Zac and who knows, maybe he would succeed in matching his own pounding with the sure to follow thumping from the creeps upstairs.

He was pretty certain Zac would scream. After all Zac had said he rarely took it up the ass but that he would let Craig. It certainly made him feel good and to think, it was all because he had the balls to answer one of those personal ads.

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