Story – Full Contact

Full Contact

By Ian Kovnats (Gaystoryman)

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His hands clenched the bed sheet, as he bit into the pillow. The pain was almost unbearable as the hard thrusting penis dug deep into his body. He groaned loudly though it sounded muffled by the pillow wedged in his mouth. His body ached and was stiff all over as he felt the hard thrusting pole dig deep into him. John tried to get lower into the bed itself, to get past and ease the pressure inside but he failed.

The hard thrusts were bad enough, but as one would bury its way deep into him, it would then stop and start to pull out. That hurt almost as much, and would make his whole body shudder. It was like his body was holding onto the pole, refusing to let it go up and out but then when he had thought it was about to leave him for good, it came rushing back inside.

Each time it seemed to go deeper, with more force than before. He cried with each hard thrust, ached with each withdrawal and all the time his body trembled to the wild sensations that travelled through his whole body. He was sweating hard but the person above him was dripping rivers of sweat onto his backside. He could feel each stinging drop of sweat as it splashed onto his back, running towards his spine and trickling downwards.

He never thought his insides could stretch so much as he gulped for more air. His body was taking a pounding and despite the pain between his hips, he was enjoying it. He kept telling himself that, with each hard thrust that penetrated deep into his bowels. He groaned and could even feel tears at the corners of his eyes as the hard pulsing pole ploughed into him.

The motion was getting faster too. His legs were pushed aside and his toes were curling inwards. The thigh muscles were taut and he could hear the slap of flesh on flesh with each hard inwards thrust. The cock was digging a hole into him, almost like those who machines that made the tunnels in the sides of mountains. It felt that big and yet he knew it wasn’t. Just his imagination going into overdrive as the pounding of his ass did as well.

Christ he didn’t know if he could handle anymore, yet as he bit down into the pillow he knew he wanted more. It was strange how his mind wanted to beg for it to end, yet at the same time was actually begging for more, begging the guy on top to go faster, to go deeper and harder.

He felt the hips slamming into him, then twisting a bit as the sweat continued to pour down onto his back. He felt the stinging lashes of the long blond hair of his friend as his head twisted and turned with the wild gyrations of his body. Yet all he could hear really was the grunts, the groans as the body above continued to slam hard into his own.

John had been fucked before, but never like this. He had enjoyed the feeling and yeah, he had to admit it hurt at first, but not like this did. Gawd he thought, how could he have agreed to this and yet even as the thought entered his mind, he was glad he had. The pain was tearing at him, but so too was the deep feeling of being full. It was all warm and even slightly intoxicating as his head flopped from one side to the other on the sweat stained pillow. His own saliva was all over the pillow and he could smell the tangy aroma of stale sweat too. It was all part of the experience he thought as once more the cock inside of him began to quickly move out. He sighed a little as he felt the head stretching his pink hole, but like always, it didn’t leave.

It just seemed to hover there for less than a second, before he felt the sudden jarring jolt of the body falling back on his own buttocks. His cheeks were slick with his sweat that mingled with Brian’s own sweat. The stinging sound of flesh echoed again, as once more he experienced the hard thrust. His rectum seemed to scream as it was once more stretched to its limits and maybe beyond.

Christ it hurt and yet felt so damn great. He wanted more, and he could hear his own voice begging for more, urging the man on top to go faster, to send the hot pole deeper into his body. His hips arched upwards to meet the downward thrust. He felt the slap, heard it, and groaned loudly as the dick seemed to reach in further, touching places inside he didn’t know could be reached.

Time seemed to no longer exist. What he thought was an hour was obviously not. His body ached as suddenly the figure above began to move faster, harder. It was suddenly like a jack hammer had been released into his rectum. His body sunk harder into the groaning mattress of the bed. His fingers clenched the bed itself, until the knuckles grew white and numb. He couldn’t even feel his lower legs as the pounding became a blur in his mind.

The press of the cock inside made him cry out and he could hear the heavy breathing becoming faster and more ragged as the pounding became faster. It was so intense he could feel the bed jumping and his body would lift up and flop down again in a steady rhythm. It made him groan more as he felt the man above getting close.

He screamed out, begging him to go faster, clenching the bed even harder as the speed grew inside his body. His muscles were in pain as they were stretched and stretched even more. The hot pole was burning his insides, or so it felt as it ploughed into him, digging, always digging. Everything was a blur as the speed grew more intense, the rolling waves of pleasure now a tidal wave after tidal wave.

A hard stinging slap on one cheek made him cry out. The sound was lost by the harsh “I am cumming” shout that made his head spin. His own body arched upwards, his muscles clenched within. They were determined to hold the hard thick pole but it was suddenly slipped out and he felt totally empty as suddenly the hot stinging splashes of cum struck his shaking body.

The hot sticky cream was burning him as it struck his own over heated flesh. Long hard gobs of cream seemed to be striking him all over. From the tip of his buttocks up his spine, he felt the stinging needles as they coated him. He cried out, which was muted by the harsh barking of the man above. The wild primitive shriek echoed in his ears as he fell back into the mattress, crying in joy as the cum dried along his back.

Before he could even try to get his emotions in check, he felt the hands reached for him and with ease, toss him over onto his back. He stared up at the figure that now loomed over him. His eyes were clouded by the sweat and tears that had seemed to be endless.

The matted hair dangled down across the thin aquiline face. He could see a glazed look in the dark eyes, and then the thin pale figure seemed to grow distant. John felt the full weight of his partner on his body and there it was now, coming towards him and his eyes bulged open wider.

It was dripping still, and had an angry purple mottled look to it. Closer it came and he felt it now press on his lips. A hand reached down to wrap around his own damp hair and hold tightly to his head. John closed his eyes as the cum covered cock head was suddenly forced past his lips. He felt his mouth open and gagged a little as the head dove in, almost as hard as when it was pounding his ass.

He could smell himself as the cock was wedged down into his throat. He coughed but held on as he tasted the salty cum that covered the cock. John found himself licking the cock inside his mouth, feeling the hand tighten its grip. It pulled him in closer and the heavy weight on his chest didn’t let up. He felt the stiffness around his neck as he leaned inwards, tasting the hot cock.

The man pulled the cock out of John’s mouth and then with his hand still holding John’s hair tightly, he rubbed the softening penis across his face. He felt the heat of the cock and felt it brush hard against his lips. He shuddered as he finally opened his eyes to stare upwards. The towering figure was still looking dazed but he saw the sparkle in the eyes. He had done it, and he sighed as the weight on his chest disappeared.

His body was spent, and he felt the feeling starting to return to his extremities as he laid there, gulping in air as he tried to gather himself. John was exhausted as he felt the man resting next to him. Their bodies were touching, feeling more like they were glued together. He sighed as the man let one hand now rest across John’s still heaving belly.

The room echoed to their panting. Nothing else seemed to register as slowly John began to regulate the wild beat of his heart. It was over, but as he turned to look at the man next to him, he knew that all that was over was the first part. He was gathering his own strength, because now it was his turn to get off. A thin smile suddenly came across the face next to his. John realized that his friend was thinking the same thing. He grinned back, reaching back over his head, to fumble on the nightstand for one of the condom packages.

His turn now as the fingers pulled one of the packets off the table and brought it into the palm of his hand. He clenched it and pushed himself up on the bed. His legs still ached and the ringing in his ears from the rush of blood back to his body made him sway a little, just as his dick was swaying in the air now, eager for its turn.

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