Story – 17 Please

17 Please

Donny heard the voice ask for the 17th floor with baited breathe. It was like a secret being revealed he thought as he quickly stole a glance at the tall young man making the request of Mr Snooty Welch who always stationed himself by the elevator buttons. Just once Donny wished he could arrange to get in before Welch did but no matter how hard he had tried, the old fart seemed quicker on the draw.

He was again stuck in the back but he didn’t mind as he could stare without fear of discovery at the buildings newest tenant. Jay couldn’t be more than 20 and for the last three months Donny had rushed to make sure he was home in time to catch this elevator up to his apartment. It usually meant a lot of extra work at the office and finally he had chosen to simply go to work earlier each morning, just so he could be here at this time, to be in the same elevator car as Jay.

From that very first day he had spied Jay he had become enamoured by the young man. One might even say he was becoming obsessed by the tall blond young man and they’d be right. The 6 foot plus muscular guy was consuming his thoughts even at work. It wasn’t healthy he kept telling himself each time he walked into his apartment and immediately stripped to go and jerk off to the image of the guy, but he couldn’t help himself.

Just the way Jay would hold himself in the elevator gave Donny a raging hard on. Nothing he could think about could erase the image of the guy in a tight t-shirt and faded jeans that seemed his daily attire from his mind. No matter how hard Donny would try he kept coming back to the image of Jay with his longish blonde hair, the well developed chest and firm buttocks that he kept staring at each day. Gawd to just touch those firm cheeks was eating at him more than normal as the elevator purred and jerked at each floor.

If only Welch lived below instead of above Donny, he might get a chance to talk to the guy. Instead Welch seemed to always be there, glaring and never once doing anything but punch buttons when other tenants entered the elevator. It was almost like he was the elevator man and what was worse, Jay would leave and he’d be left alone with the snoot faced Welch for what seemed ages before his own floor stopped the elevators ascent.

As he watched the doors open and Jay walk beyond the opening he wished just once that he could have 5 minutes alone with him. He didn’t know what he’d say but just to even talk to him, without anyone listening was giving him a hard on. To listen to the timber of his voice, to have him looking at him instead of past him would be enough. Just that brief intimacy would satisfy him he thought as the doors begun to close.

Glancing up he felt his heart freeze as Jay hadn’t walked away but seemed to be looking back into the elevator, looking in fact at him. He didn’t know what to do or even if what he was seeing was real. Sweat beaded up on his forehead as the doors began to close on the image.

The whirl of the elevator only added to his disbelief. Could Jay have been looking at him? What if he had noticed how he had been staring at him, would he be pissed? The fear inside made him shake a little as the elevator stopped at his floor, and he could feel old man Welch staring at him. Shaking himself a bit he stepped forward to exit the elevator.

Standing in the empty hallway he heard the elevator doors shut and he let his body slump a bit. The tension didn’t ease that much as he tried to fathom what he had seen. Had it been what he had hoped or was it what he suspected, that he had been caught in his obsession? If the latter he was certain that he would have to move. There would be no way for him to stay in the building if everyone knew he was some sick pervert, haunting guys in the elevator but would Jay out him?

Hell did Jay even notice him or was he simply so obsessed with the guy that he thought he was looking at him? With a sigh he moved along the plush carpeted hallway towards his apartment, vowing that he would come home at the normal time tomorrow, that his obsession with Jay would end now. His jaw was set firmly as he reached for his key and opened the apartment door.

Closing the door he leaned against it, feeling safe at last. While he knew that Jay lived on the 17th floor, there was no way that Jay knew he lived on the 22nd floor or even what his name was. That certainty helped him to place his briefcase on the hall table and reach down for the mail that was strewn on the floor. As he bent down he realized that if Jay wanted to, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to find him, just as he had done to get the bare details on Jay.

Undoing the tie around his neck and taking off his suit jacket to hang on the wall peg, Donny felt unsure of what would happen next. Would Jay even say anything or would he go to the trouble of finding out who he was? Worse, would he maybe go to the building manager to complain?

The thoughts of the manager knocking on his door made him cringe a bit. The guy was a total red neck not to mention a slimy bastard. Whenever he needed any work done it always cost him a few bucks even though it shouldn’t, but it was the only way to insure that he got the work done. The guy always had his hand out which suddenly gave him some hope. Least he might be able to prevent any repercussions if he had enough cash on hand.

Quickly Donny reached for his wallet and stared at the nearly empty object. He licked his lips debating on whether or not to slip out and hit one of the bank machines just in case then thought better of it. If the manager showed up he could stall for time then but first thing in the morning he’d make sure that he had a few 20’s in his wallet at all times.

Now all he had to deal with was getting through tonight, hoping that Jay hadn’t immediately gone running down to him. If he waited, then maybe he could avoid the problem all together. If he stayed later at work instead of rushing home then he would miss tomorrow’s elevator journey and perhaps stall Jay’s accusations or confrontation.

The idea though of not being able to see Jay again hurt in a way he never had felt before. The pain in his chest seemed like his heart wanted to punch a hole through and explode. He sucked in some air as he slipped his shoes off and then stood by the full length hall mirror.

Staring at his reflection he noticed his hair was matted from sweat. The furrow of his brow made his face wrinkle and he sighed, wondering if his hair was already receding. Running his hand through his short cropped hair he realized that for a man of 31 he wasn’t all that bad. Okay so maybe his face had a few lines around the lips and his hair wasn’t exactly full, but it wasn’t chubby or carved in a perpetual scowl like old man Welch’s.

As the pain in his chest began to subside, he continued to glare at himself in the mirror. Okay so he had a bit of a paunch, but nothing a week or two at the gym couldn’t take care of. Maybe his chest wasn’t chiselled like some piece of granite but his arms weren’t flabby and his legs still looked muscular. Maybe he’d take up jogging again or do some weight lifting. After all the apartment included a fairly well equipped gym including a nice jogging path on the roof and it just might be what he needed to do instead of thinking of Jay.

He’d check that out tomorrow after dinner but right now he still couldn’t get Jay out of his mind. Walking to his bedroom he passed on fixing dinner. Besides he could heat up the microwave dinner anytime, and right now he needed to maybe head for the shower and cool down a bit. Perhaps he was mis-reading the expression on Jay’s face. After all it was only a quick glance before the doors closed.

With his thoughts still pondering what it was he had seen, Donny let his pants slide to the floor. Kicking the pants off to one side, he pushed down on his shorts to let them rest at his ankles. Stepping out of them he sat down on the queen sized bed, his mind still trying to make Jay’s face clearer in his mind. Was his eyes brooding & flashing anger or were they peering at him in a questioning way?

With a shrug of his shoulders he reached down and took his socks off as his mind continued to try to find something that would ease the growing terror inside. He liked this building and the rent wasn’t too bad either. Only downside to it was that most of the tenants seemed to be couples or old geezers. Least until he had spied Jay moving in.

Tossing his shirt off he leaned back onto his bed. His eyes stared up at the off white ceiling as he recalled that day, when he had stumbled onto Jay moving in. He could still recall it, almost as if it had just happened. He had come home at his normal time then, parking in his spot and walking to the underground entrance.

There had been an old beat up Ford truck parked by the door with a pile of boxes in the back. He hadn’t spotted Jay as he went inside and pressed the call button. As the doors had opened and he stepped in a well rounded voice hollered for him to hold the doors open.

Turning around and punching the open door button he had spied Jay. The guy was tall and well built as he came rushing in with two full boxes. He was wearing a dulled white t-shirt and faded jeans. A dress that never seemed to have varied since either. It made Donny grin to himself as his one hand rested under his head, the other now moving down his belly as the memories came flooding back to him.

It was the first and only time he had spoken to the guy. The sound of his voice still echoed in his ears as his hand reached down to his stiff cock. There was no denying that Jay aroused him, even now with the fear of being outed hanging over him. Somehow he just couldn’t believe that Jay would do anything assuming he had tweaked to Donny. Jay was just too, well for lack of a better term, comfortable with himself to be a jerk, or so he thought.

The hand moved along his thickened pole, gently caressing the hot flesh. Donny could feel himself being carried away again into his nightly fantasy now. He didn’t really care because he knew it would be the last time. There would be no choice after tonight so he let the fingers play across his cock head. The tips feeling the beginning of his pre cum coming out, smearing it a bit across the rounded head.

The image of Jay holding two full boxes and then setting them down made his hand move a bit faster. He could see it now, the top of his blond hair shaking as he let the boxes thud to the floor. The way his eyes looked as he stared up and asked if Donny wouldn’t mind waiting while he brought in just a couple of more, to save him extra steps.

The press of his fingers around his cock shaft made him close his eyes as he heard his own voice saying no problem. The fact that it sounded more like a gurgled sound didn’t matter if he could watch this stranger for an extra second. Even then he couldn’t stop thinking of getting into those faded jeans.

Watching how the cheeks moved from side to side had his eyes popping then just as it had his hand moving faster up his average sized cock. The feel of the palms of his hands against his hot cock shaft only made him close his eyes tighter, willing himself to think of nothing but those brief moments when it was just him and Jay.

Two trips to the elevator and back were all that it took for Donny to know he was infatuated with his new neighbour. He had hoped that Jay was moving into the empty apartment on his floor but was crushed when Jay asked him to hit button 17 on the elevator instead. Still it was something to file away for later as they rode up in silence.

He wished now he had the courage to have said something, to at least have introduced himself and not acted like old man Welch. Gawd, he was only 31 and already just one nameless face in a crowd. It made him frown but then he forced himself to recall the way Jay’s face looked as he had asked him to hit button 17.

Donny felt his fingers tighten around the base of his cock, felt them dig into the soft flesh just under the shaft, making him moan softly to himself. The eyes were always something that made him moan. The way Jay’s face could simply radiate was one thing, but it was his eyes that made the package complete. They would sparkle or so it seemed as he spoke and you felt like he was truly looking at you, not through you like so many did. It was how they seemed to narrow and just burrow their way into your very soul that had his hand now flying up his cock.

The blood was rushing to his throbbing pole as his mind continued to stare at the eyes. Past memories now flashed among new one’s, of Jay’s face as he would walk into the elevator, of how he would stare at old man Welch as he told him what floor button to hit. It all flashed before him while his hand moved faster up & down his pulsing cock. There was no turning back as he realized how much he could remember just from fleeting moments.

There was the small curl of Jay’s lower lip that had impressed itself on his memory. The thin pale lips that he wished he could taste, the scent of his shampoo even made him wish he could be the one rubbing it into the fine strands of blond hair. All of it came to him as he felt his balls tightening as his body began to surrender to the inevitable. It was as it was every night except even more intense. In the back of his mind he knew that all this would change because he had been seen.

There really wasn’t any doubt that Jay had sensed and noticed his actions. How could anyone not have noticed? Hell he might not have had a huge dick like he imagined Jay to have, but in his suit pants it wasn’t hard to notice when it was hard. Jay had to have noticed it and as much as he wished he hadn’t, part of his mind was secretly glad he had. Least he would know that with Donny he had made an impression, welcomed or not.

The idea of Jay knowing about how much Donny was attracted to him made the hand tighten further. The pain in his groin grew unbearable as he could see Jay’s face floating before him again. The tall well built body seemed to be hovering above him as he let his imagination loose. They were still in the elevator but Jay had reached out, had hit the stop button bringing the small moving room to a sudden halt.

In his mind he could see the guy reaching back and taking hold of Donny’s label, forcing him closer so that he could smell the man aroma that oozed from Jay. His mind reeled as he imagined the tall strong man now reaching around, bringing him in close so that their bodies touched. The sweat on his brow dripped unheeded down his face as his mind conjured up the image of him being held tightly in Jay’s grasp.

The sound of heavy breathing as they stared into each others eyes made him tremble now. The idea of feeling the hot breath of this Adonis on his own cheeks made his body shake & shudder in eager anticipation. Nothing could stop him as his hand moved quicker along the stretched skin of his cock. It was more than just a mere fantasy as he could smell him, smell that scent of shampoo mingled with his sweat. Just like that night he breathed in deeply and felt the shudder coming up from his groin.

His legs shot outwards and his toes curled up. His body was caught within the fantasy now. His hand wasn’t his hand but instead was the strong masculine hand of Jay. The press of fingers against his taut flesh was those of Jay’s. It wasn’t him but Jay who was pulling at him, making him struggle for air as his body struggled to stay in control, a battle it was quickly losing with each passing moment, with each passing thought.

He could see the elevator’s shiny walls shimmer now as he felt the hand on his dick move in a blur. The image seemed to falter for a second then reappear stronger than before. There were those eyes again, delving deep into his soul while the one arm around his body held him tight into Jay’s own sweating body. The other hand was furiously flying up and down the burning pole. There was no more time as his body jerked forward, driving itself hard into the firm muscled body.

The rolling thunder that came to his ears was his own voice crying out, signalling its ecstasy over the explosion from his groin. He could hear the hot splashes of his cum as it struck him on his chest and even one that hit his jaw. His teeth ground against themselves as his body shook & gyrated to the release of his desire. The pain in his groin still held him as his cock reared back and once more shot a hot stream of milky cum outwards coating his belly this time.

Donny felt himself tremble as the image of Jay holding him began to fade and reality set in. The ceiling of his bedroom seemed to be enveloped in a haze of light as his body continued to shudder. His hand held tightly the still hard cock but was covered in drying jizz. His toes hurt from being stretched & curled outwards yet all he could think of was how much he wished his fantasy had been real.

To be held by Jay would in itself make him cum in his pants, least he knew that. Maybe that was why he hadn’t said anything or spoken to him that night. He just knew that if he had he would have made a complete ass of himself. The reality was that he was beyond his prime, no longer an object worthy of desire, specially from someone as hot as Jay. He may have the dreams but if only he had the courage, maybe then he would have more than just a dream.

The air in his apartment was cooling the ardour of his thoughts, drying the cum on his body as his mind struggled with sanity. He knew it was an obsession that had ended but he didn’t want it to. Donny still wanted to be able to dream, to feel alive. All this time he thought it was Jay who he was obsessed with but as he lay there, he knew it was simply the idea of being desired, of being wanted by someone like Jay, that had him feeling this way.

The room was quiet as he listened to his heart slowly return to its normal state. The thunder in his ears was gone now as his body collected itself. He turned his head to stare over at the bathroom, knowing he needed to shower off and clean up but he was reluctant to move. He wanted to savour the moment for as long as he could, knowing that tomorrow would just be another day. He wouldn’t rush home now, wouldn’t hurry to make sure he got into the elevator to grab the back wall so he could stare at Jay. It was an end of a dream.

He sighed deeply, running his hand down his belly, feeling the dried cum and he smiled. Least if things got too bad, he could always conjure up that scene again, the time when Jay asked him:

17 please.

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