The Locker – Chapter 2

Chapter 2


12:05 a.m.

He lay on the bed, his head tilted to the left as he watched Dakota standing there, their eyes were like lighthouses passing signals pass and forth and he felt a strange exhilaration running through every fibre of his body. It wasn’t happening or so his mind kept saying but it was, Dakota was there, had kissed him and even touched him and now he was standing there, devouring every part of his, Noah Collins, naked body. It was a dream but then no dream he could ever have could come close to what was really happening to him. Dakota really was here, really was looking at him with what had to be love, or so every ounce of his soul kept telling him.

Dakota looked down at the naked body of Noah and he felt a hitch in his breathing, his lungs ached but then every part of his body ached as he looked into the very soul of his locker buddy. He felt like cheering and yet there was a sadness too, a sadness he couldn’t explain as he stared at the milky white flesh of his new friend, wondering what it would be like to rest on top of that steaming flesh. His mind kept asking, his body kept urging and his heart kept goading him further, and his hands seemed to suddenly have a will of their own.

He could feel them reach up and undo the shirt buttons, one by one and he felt his body tremble, but he wasn’t sure if it was from excitement or dread. What would Noah think afterwards, what would he do when he stood there, exposed fully before those powder blue eyes of Noah? Would he be still wanted, would Noah still desire him like he did now or would he turn away in disgust? It had happened once before, and that haunting memory continued to plague him, even though he had long since gotten past it, or so he kept telling himself.

His shirt was finally open and he saw Noah’s eyes widen a bit, as he slowly took the thin shirt off his lanky frame. Dakota stood upright, letting Noah stare at his chest, at the warm golden tanned colour of his skin marred only by the deep maroon colour of his hard nipples. His hands moved up from his waist, his fingers spread wide open as he ran his hand upwards, reaching for one nipple and slightly playing with it as he licked his lips, watching for Noah’s reaction. His own eyes quickly travelled down the quivering body on the bed, staring at the already spent pole that seemed to still have life in it, as it jutted upright from the dark bush of hair of Noah’s groin.

Poor Noah, he thought as he rubbed the hard nipple, so innocent looking and so scared too and yet there was something about him that Dakota couldn’t quite figure out, something that had at first made his heart skip a beat, as he first laid eyes on him. He wasn’t bad looking, he had nice features and maybe was a bit too pale for being a Southern Californian, but not everyone enjoyed roasting their flesh in the hot sun. No it wasn’t his paleness that had him puzzled but the way he would look at him, the way his eyes seemed so trusting, so willing to know more and that was just from this morning, what would they say if he went further than he thought he should? Would they still show trust or would they feel betrayed?

Noah “You don’t have to, I mean, it’s okay if you don’t want to Dakota”

Dakota “Do what Noah? What is it you think I don’t want to do?”

Noah “You know, have… have sex with me”

Dakota “Is that what you think? That I am just doing this cause I feel sorry for you or something?”

Noah “I don’t know, maybe…”

Dakota moved closer to the bed, standing closer to the headboard as he stared down at the oval face of Noah. He could see the small drops of tears welling up in each corner; see the way Noah’s nostrils flared as he waited for his, Dakota’s answer. His whole body seemed to be on edge as Dakota let his hands rest briefly at his side, his eyes taking in every shiver, every quiver that Noah’s taut young virgin body made. There was no doubt in his mind that this was the closest Noah had ever come to being with someone, guy or girl and in some ways the idea excited him, but it also scared him even more so.

He had already removed his shoes and so it was easy for him to just unsnap his pants button, lower his zipper and let the faded jeans fall to his ankles, where he just stepped out of them. Dakota stood there, only a pair of faded red shorts holding back his most private part of his body. The thick bulge was evident and he could see the way Noah kept dragging his eyes from the rest of Dakota’s body to stare at the large thick bulge that was held tightly in check by his shorts. His balls ached as he came as close as possible to the bed, his knees resting up against the mattress and he turned a little, so that Noah could see his groin without any obstruction.

Dakota “Does it look like I don’t want to?”

Noah “No, it, no it doesn’t”

Dakota bend down a bit and reached out for Noah’s hand that was resting at the boy’s side. He felt the hot sticky sweat as he wrapped his own fingers around the trembling wrist. His face looked down to see Noah’s 6-inch penis, watching it sway a little as the blood pumped in and out of the hard throbbing pole. He could see a small dap of white near the centre of the tip and he smiled to himself. He took Noah’s hand and brought it up, letting the back of it brush up against his legs, feeling the tiny hairs he had shift and bristle to the sudden touch. Then he turned to look once more at Noah’s face, seeing his eyes transfixed on his own hand as it moved up Dakota’s leg.

Slowly he let it come up, holding it firmly but not too tightly, waiting for Noah’s own desire and curiosity to take hold as he let the hand move upwards, his own breathing becoming anxious as the hand crept upwards, coming closer to the fiery centre of his groin. He felt his legs tremble to Noah’s touch, felt the fires inside beginning to dance and thicken, growing hotter with each passing second, with each strand of hair that was brushed by.

Noah’s breathing was coming in short gasps, as he felt the warm smooth flesh of Dakota’s legs and yet his eyes couldn’t watch, they were too mesmerized by the moving bulge of Dakota’s groin. It looked so big to his eyes, scaring him that what was inside was too huge, to big and yet he wanted it, the ache in his body only grew more intense as his hand moved up the warm leg, feeling the power of the boy who had captured his heart, or so he thought. He was scared, unsure what to do and wishing he knew what to do, what would please Dakota, would show Dakota that he really wanted him and yet all he could do was let Dakota’s hand guide his.

He could feel his tongue licking his parched lips as his eyes bulged open wider as his hand felt the warmth coming from above. His fingers tingled and his hand throbbed a little as slowly Dakota guided his hand further upwards. He struggled with the racing thoughts of his mind, wondering if he should just move his whole hand to that thick pulsing bulge or wait for Dakota to bring it there and before he could decide he suddenly felt the hot fiery material of Dakota’s shorts. It was almost as if they were on fire, and he felt his hand jerk backwards, frightened by the intense heat and yet the hand holding his held him firm, keeping it in place and now he couldn’t hold back any longer.

Noah pushed his hand forward letting his aching fingers touch the thick pulsing bulge. He felt the heat, the fire that he suddenly knew burned inside of Dakota and his eyes moved away from the quivering mound and looked up into the dark brown eyes of the boy standing over him. He saw the flash and felt it strike hard into his very heart, feeling the desire suddenly rising up in his own body and his finger and hand pushed inwards, feeling the massive organ inside. His fingers reached upwards, reaching the waistband and digging inside of the thin elastic. The back of his fingers felt the hot warm smooth flesh inside, felt the coiled muscles of Dakota’s belly and he sighed, feeling like he had just died and gone to heaven. The feelings inside were a jumbled mess of desire, pleasure, fear, and anxiety. Noah had blinked and kept his eyes shut but he couldn’t keep them closed and as he opened them he saw Dakota’s hand resting on top of his own, the dark brown eyes waiting for him and he felt the power of the boy’s patience as he gulped a bit, choking a bit on his own saliva as he let his fingers tighten around the band of underwear and then pull downwards on it.

The underwear gave a bit and before he could realize it, he saw the thick hard pole jumping out at him. It was a deeper red than he thought it would be, and at the tip was a large drop of a milky colour. His eyes bulged as he stared at the angry winking pole that suddenly confronted him. Fear raced thru his whole body and his legs pulled together involuntarily as he stared at the thick hot cock. He was stunned and frightened, never realizing that what he had seen in magazines actually existed, thinking they were exaggerated photos or taken at an angle to make the cock look larger than it really was. Now he knew different and the ache in his buttocks seemed muted now, even though he still felt a strong desire for Dakota.

There was no mistaking the panic that was written all across Noah’s face and he felt suddenly ashamed, for letting this get so far ahead, and yet something inside of him had persisted in letting Noah do exactly what he had. His underwear was hanging just under his full balls, he could feel the threadbare fabric stretching and he saw how Noah’s hands now lay on the bed, his eyes wide open with fear. Slowly he reached down and hesitated for a second, then he pushed the underwear down, stepping out of them carefully, not wanting to rip his only pair of non ripped shorts.

His face turned back towards Noah, the fear still evident as they both looked at each other. Dakota stared at how Noah’s legs were now closed tightly together, the once hard cock not so hard anymore and he knew that he had scared Noah, that somehow Noah actually believed that he had no say in what happened next. Strange, he never really thought about that before, how it was for someone who had never done it, least not at this age. Thinking back he remembered how scared he too had been that first time, but that had been different too, he had been almost 14 then and it didn’t happen the first time for him, they had played first as Gary had called it, so it wasn’t such a shock. Looking now at Noah he knew that he felt pressured, that he was scared of what he, Dakota, would do and he felt a bit saddened by that, knowing it wasn’t reasonable to expect Noah to have much faith or trust in him, but then he was trusting him, letting him know just how much they were alike. That should count for something, shouldn’t it?

Noah felt the sadness coming from Dakota and yet despite that, he still felt the panic in his heart and his mind. The huge pole had to be a foot long and half a foot wide, or so it seemed at first blush, but now, looking at it carefully, seeing the way it moved slightly, he knew it was no more than maybe 7 or 8 inches long, maybe 2 or a bit more thick but still, it looked so damn huge. His hands were sweating and he could feel tiny drops falling from his forehead too as he tried to think of something to say, something to do maybe to let Dakota know how he was feeling, but then how could he? After all he wasn’t sure how he felt. He knew he wanted to be with Dakota, wanted to be something more than just a fuck, but did Dakota want more or was he just horny like most kids their age? What was it that Dakota wanted; hell what was it that he wanted?

Dakota “So can I join you or, I mean, okay if I lay down next to you?”

Noah “Sorry uh, yeah sure… I never, I mean…”

Dakota “Noah I won’t do anything you don’t want, you have to believe me, this isn’t, I mean, shit, I guess I kind of rushed this, sorry”

Noah could hear the sincerity in Dakota’s voice and he felt a bit ashamed for thinking that Dakota would hurt him, would do something that maybe he didn’t want, and he sat up in the bed, moving over a bit as he looked at the way Dakota stood there, one minute the image of him leaning against the lockers flashing before him, then the reality of how he really was, standing there now, uncertain, unsure, even scared a little. It was all confusing to him as he reached out and touched Dakota’s hand, stopping it from reaching down to pick up his fallen underwear.

Noah “I am sorry, I never really, I mean this is so new to me, I have never even been naked like this in front of another guy, please, sit here, please?”

Dakota turned to look at Noah, seeing the honesty there, feeling that maybe he had been wrong, maybe Noah really was just scared but not by a lack of trust, just the whole sex thing. He could see his eyes, tears were close by and that made his heart twitch a little, feeling that Noah still wanted him, but it wasn’t the type of feeling he had ever really felt before, it was the same and yet not. Maybe he was just tired, after all working every night after school, weekends, and going to school and all, but no, there was something different about how he thought Noah was feeling, the vibes were different and he sat down on the bed, moving up towards the headboard, sitting up next to Noah.

Dakota “You have nothing to be sorry for, I should have, I mean, hell I don’t normally do this, I mean, come to a guys house at night and then try to, to, you know”

Noah “Get it on with him?”

Dakota “yeah, suppose that’s one way of calling it, guess I was anxious, its been, hell a year since I been with a guy”

Noah “Oh, I am sorry…”

Dakota “Don’t be, that didn’t come out right anyways, I mean, Noah I don’t care if we never have, you know, sex, I think you are cool, I just wanted to… I mean, I just wanted to give you what you want, I thought you would be, well, that we could be friends if I …”

Noah “You aren’t here because you…”

Dakota “NO! Shit, no Noah, I thought, well when you sort of got carried away at the locker, I kind of thought that if I gave you something to really have instead of what you were thinking, well…”

Noah “That I’d then be your friend?”

Dakota “Yeah, sorry, guess you must really think I am a jerk, it is just, well, I don’t make friends easy, not since… not for a long time”

Noah “I don’t, I guess in a way I was thinking the same, I don’t know, I have dreamed of times like this, just that seeing that… I mean shit, your sister was right, that ain’t no junior whopper”

Dakota “haha, yeah guess that’s true, but Noah, you have to believe me, I wouldn’t do something you didn’t want, honest”

Noah “I know, least I do now, have you… I mean you ever…”

Dakota “Have it done to me? Ride a cock?”

Noah “Yeah”

Dakota “Uh huh, its, well, yeah I have, it was okay, I mean… at the time it was super, the first time was tough, but once he got it in, man, it felt good, sort of, I don’t know, it just felt good”

Noah “Was he, I mean was he as big?”

Dakota “No, not really, but I did have one guy who was, I mean he was pretty big and it didn’t really feel all that different.”

Noah “How many, sorry, none of my business, too nosey for my own…”

Dakota “It’s okay, not really many, six I think, but I had my first just before I was 14, so, I mean…”

Noah “14? How did you… I mean… damn, never mind, sorry, it is just, I could never get the nerve to, not even sure I knew how then, hell not like I know how now”

Dakota “you serious? I mean, never? Not even maybe a blow job?”

Noah “No, nothing, never touched another, never dared actually, guess that sounds kind of pitiful doesn’t it?”

Dakota “No, at times I am not sure I am happy I have or that maybe I should have waited too, I mean what with all the shit going on out there”

The silence was almost deafening in its quiet, and yet both of them needed it, as they became lost in their own worlds of thoughts. Dakota could see Montana’s face before him for a moment, feel the sudden rise of his heart and then it left him, that empty void rearing back up for a moment. Strange how that happened at weird times and then as he started to think about how much he missed his older brother, he felt Noah’s hand reaching out, taking his and interlacing his fingers with his own. He turned to see Noah looking at him, a sort of sadness in his eyes too but the fear was gone, or at least pushed away. The touch of his hand in Noah’s was like a calming breath of wind blowing across him, and he felt his heart stop its shaking and he looked back, taking comfort in the gentleness of Noah’s touch. He was right, he had to be, that there was something very special about Noah, something that he needed to know, to hold and to cherish.

Deep in his soul Noah could feel a strange warmth, the way it seemed to be so hot in places and yet as he thought about it, he couldn’t quite put it into any sort of category. It was like it was brand new for him but he had felt excited before, had fantasized about guys before and yet here he was, sitting naked in bed with someone who was all he could ever imagine and all he could think of was feeling this strange warmth, this new unease. Strange thoughts about him and Dakota came flooding into his mind and at the same time his thoughts couldn’t quite ignore the size of Dakota’s cock. It scared him to think of that long thick pole sliding into his butt but then he also started to wonder just how it would feel, to be filled by that particular pole. He didn’t know what to do really, and as he held onto Dakota’s hand, he was certain that he could feel the same unease coming from the boy next to him. Was Dakota scared too?

Noah “This is weird”

Dakota “Why?”

Noah “Cause, all I could think of all day, and all evening was what it would be like to be with you, and here we are, naked and all I can think about is asking you stuff, when I should, I don’t know, do something”

Dakota “Do what?”

Noah “I dunno, something, I mean, that’s why you are here, isn’t it?”

Dakota “No, I mean yeah I want to do stuff, but, I don’t know, this is kind of nice, never really, I mean with the others, except with, well except for one it was always, I don’t know, sex, then nothing, this is, I don’t know, more of what maybe I want, if that makes sense”

Noah “Not really, don’t you like sex?”

Dakota “Yeah but, I don’t know, it is like each time I’ve been with someone, it’s like something is missing, not all there even though we did everything, you know?”

Noah “No, I am the virgin remember?”

Dakota “haha, you have a weird sense of humour, I like that”

Weird but the way Dakota spoke seemed to strike a chord inside, and he felt the desire starting up again inside, and as he heard the words, the compliment he felt a warmth rushing past his face. He knew he was starting to blush and he could see from the corner of his eye the way Dakota was smiling at him. His thin lips showing a trace of colour, a hint of something and his heart skipped a beat and then another as it felt like just reaching over and hugging him, of holding him in his arms and kissing those pale thin lips, and as the thought raced inside, he felt the heat rise and knew his face was red.

Noah “Great now I am blushing”

Dakota “So? What’s wrong with that?”

Noah “Nothing I guess, uh, you ever done it with girls?”

Dakota “Yeah, it is just different and yet not, the sex anyhow, after is way different, and I don’t know, I’d usually have to jerk off later to feel, well, sort of satisfied”

Noah “So why do it then?”

Dakota “So no one could talk”

Noah “Huh?”

Dakota “So my locker didn’t get written on, you know?”

Noah “oh”

Dakota “Shit, sorry, that wasn’t nice”

Noah “It’s okay, I get it now”

Dakota knew the second he had said it that he had hurt Noah’s feelings and he felt like shit, and yet he also felt that Noah had this weird sense of what it was like to be him, to be thought of in a certain way. That always pissed him off and despite all that Montana had told him, he generally found himself forgetting to keep his mouth shut at these times. Yet even though he had said it, knew it had hurt Noah, he also knew he had to say it, to maybe make Noah see that it wasn’t quite the way he had dreamed, or thought it was. Maybe he owed him that at least.

Dakota “No, you don’t, you have this idea of me, of guys like me, and it isn’t all that you think, we all play our little roles I guess, so to keep who I am secret, keep safe, you have to act or do certain things, if not you are tagged with being weird, I didn’t want that, so yeah I go out with girls, screw em too and that way I keep myself from being hassled”

Noah “Roles? But that’s, I mean it shouldn’t be that way, guys like you are so much, well, so much above that”

Dakota “No, guys like me are in the thick of it, hell everyone loves to knock someone who is thought of as being above them, been thought of as this super cool dude, it sucks, you have to watch everything you say, everything you do, who you talk to or how long you talk to them, no Noah, being a guy like me is, well it’s the shits really”

Noah “I never thought of it that way, guess you are right, I mean here I am thinking about how easy it is for guys like you but I don’t know you, I want to, I really do, and yet I fell like, I don’t know, like maybe I am reaching for something beyond what I deserve”

Dakota “Yeah, I know that feeling, its how I feel about, well about wanting to be with you actually”

Noah “No way, you can’t be…”

Dakota “Yeah I can, I mean I want to be here Noah, not to get my rocks off, but to, well have more than just sex, to have what they write about, to have someone care for me because of me, not who I am in school or what I look like, and I want to feel that for them, I am tired of the games, of having to find a girl and be seen with her just so I can keep up a rep, and it sucks. I really am tired of it all I think, of being this person everyone sees, because that isn’t me”

It was all confusing to him, he had first seen Dakota only this morning and his first thought had been how strong he looked, how self assured he seemed and it was what he wished he could be like, and now here he was, sitting naked in his bed telling him how he wasn’t so sure, so positive. Yet as he heard the words and felt Dakota’s pain, he felt an even closer attraction for him, as if this was something he wanted, to be able to be there for someone and to have someone there for him too. Maybe he had it all wrong, maybe all the pictures in the magazines had dulled him to what he really wanted, and maybe, just maybe Dakota had somehow seen past that, but that was impossible, no one could just see inside a person to know what they needed more than that person, could they?

Noah “Is that why you, I mean is that why you are here? You think I am that person?”

Dakota “Truthfully? I don’t know, I just don’t know but, well, I think so, I can’t explain it, all I know is that I have never felt so hopeful as this morning, I mean you have something, I don’t know, it is like you are real, that at worse we’d be friends, I am kind of tired of having no one to talk to”

Noah “What about your sister or your older brother? Do they uh, I mean do they know?”

Dakota “Yeah, they know.”

Noah didn’t know whether to jump up in joy or cry. There was so much more to Dakota than he had thought, a side of him that he was seeing right now was something he never expected to find in someone as hot as Dakota was, and yet Dakota was right too, he hadn’t gone past the outside, the image and he felt bad about that, wondering if maybe Dakota was seeing something that wasn’t there? Maybe he was shallow like the others only Dakota was so desperate for something desperate he was ignoring that? Course if he really were shallow, why would he care then?

Thinking back about his dreams, many of which continued to suddenly just flash past him as he leaned up against his headboard, holding Dakota’s hand, he realized that what he had been dreaming about was sex, and that right next to him was a choice, to have sex or to have something more. Something that could wind up hurting him more than anything he imagined, or it could give him something so terrific that he would think sex was just a pale image of what he had. Looking at Dakota, feeling his words instead of just hearing them, he realized that he wanted what was being offered, he wanted to be loved not fucked, he wanted to share his life not get his cock just sucked, and he wanted to feel, not for a few minutes but all the time and this might just be that, if he had the courage.

If this was what he wanted, he couldn’t just sit here and be afraid and looking at Dakota, at how he was fighting to hold back his tears, to hold himself in control he realized just how much he really wanted to be with him, to share things with him other than just their bodies. Noah still felt scared by the thought of taking Dakota’s cock up his ass, but it also excited him in a way he hadn’t thought of. There was that something, that strange feeling inside that made him reach out slowly, his hand moving along the top of Dakota’s leg, touching his warm flesh, seeing the semi hard penis stir a little as his hand rubbed lightly on the small tufts of peach fuzz that was on Dakota’s upper leg.

He couldn’t really say much, as his hand moved, feeling the muscles shivering a bit, or so it felt, as his hand gently touched Dakota’s body. His eyes stared at the growing lump of flesh between the legs, seeing the pale colour growing darker as his hand reached up and passed along the wrinkled folds of Dakota’s belly. His eyes could see the way the flowing blood was thickening and stretching the huge pole and they glanced down his own shorter frame to see his own penis growing hard and he even felt the blood rushing inside of him as his heart began to raise its tempo, began to beat a bit stronger and faster as his hand moved slowly across the quivering belly to reach the other side of Dakota’s body, to touch the hard bone of his hip and as his hand wrapped around the waist, it pulled his body over so that his front now leaned into Dakota’s side.

Noah lifted his face up to stare into the questioning eyes of Dakota. He saw the doubts, the questions that rested deep inside of Dakota and smiled a little as he saw the slight tremble to those wonderful pale thin lips. His heart began to race as his face bend forward, his thoughts no longer filled with fear or panic, instead he felt the desire inside being warmed by his need to try and reach what Dakota had said, to reach that spot where there was more than just sex. He closed his eyes, afraid of the sparks that seemed to be lurking within Dakota’s body and he let his mouth press lightly on Dakota’s lips.

The jolt was like a thousand lightning bolts were hitting him at once. His whole body jumped as the soft touch of Noah’s lips pressed up against his own. He felt the fires inside, something he hadn’t felt for a long time, not since that very first time with him, his mentor, his teacher of the facts of life and it felt good, to once more feel those fires inside. Tears rolled down his cheeks as his hands moved from his side to lightly fold around Noah’s trembling body. He could feel the excitement inside of Noah and for a moment he thought he too could feel it inside of himself. His ache for a real touch of another’s soul suddenly eased as his arms tightened around Noah’s body and he began to press his mouth harder against Noah’s. His lips moved apart as he felt and tasted even the sweet fragrance of mint, knowing it had to be the toothpaste that Noah used, the same that he knew from a time when life had seemed so much easier.

Noah felt the lips parting under the press of his mouth and without even realizing it he could feel his tongue unwrapping from within his mouth, pushing out past his own lips now to run lightly across those thin lips that just seemed to flash before his vision, even though his eyes were locked tight. He shuddered as he tasted the salty flesh of Dakota’s lips and then felt the hot breathe surrounding his probing tongue. Noah held his breath as he felt the warm breath caressing the moist tip of his tongue, and in that instant he felt his whole body suddenly tremble, as if awakening from a deep long sleep. He felt muscles move and coil that he didn’t even know he had and every nerve in his body suddenly rang out, testing his entire system, giving him a feeling of pins and needles that made him shake in eager anticipation.

His hand moved down now, as his tongue darted quickly inside, past the teeth and open lips. His whole body was suddenly aching and for a brief instant, just a slight pause, he was certain there was another heart beating next to his own but as his hand moved down to feel the rising hear from Dakota’s groin, his mind rebelled, shocked by the sudden jolts of pleasure that were inundating his whole system. He felt his eyelids flutter as his body pushed inwards, wanting to mould itself to Dakota’s own long lanky frame. He felt the body next to his shift, and move a little, the body sinking away in one spot and yet coming closer in others as Dakota moved to turn into Noah’s own insistent body.

Dakota’s tongue began to tickle at the probing tip of Noah’s, his body started to shake and move inwards, his groin began to ache and he could feel the fire in his belly as Noah continued to touch him with one hand, hold him with the other and kiss him. It was all like it should be and yet deep down inside he knew there was more, more that he needed and more that he wanted to give, but could he? The fears he had carried with him for so long were there, more powerful than ever before, and yet as he felt Noah’s tongue reached deep into his mouth, tasted that flavour that he would come to know as being Noah, the doubts kept tugging at him, kept depriving him of all he wanted and needed. His soul ached as hard if not harder than the physical ache of his throbbing cock. He felt it stiffen, felt it grow harder than it had for a long time and yet as he turned, he felt like it would only end what was beginning, not further it, but end it.

Noah felt the twisting body getting closer to his own, the dull throbbing ache in his groin became sharper with each deep breath that he took and he wondered what it would be like to feel Dakota buried deep into his body or what it would feel like for him to be buried deep into Dakota’s warm supple body? So many questions and so many new feelings he wasn’t sure if he could measure up. The idea of being someone special, of being thought of as someone worthy of love was new to him. He hadn’t ever thought about himself that way, he had hoped sure but never really believed it could happen and sure as hell not with someone like Dakota. The way he felt to his touch, the way his breath just seemed to invade every pore of his insides, all of it was something he hadn’t even had the courage to dream about. This was unreal to him as he felt the wet hot cock head hit his upper leg. He knew it was Dakota’s cock and he felt the panic rising inside, felt the fear coming forward once more and he stopped for a brief second, not even that, but in that instant he could hear the pain in Dakota’s voice, hear him speak about not wanting to hurt him and the fear suddenly vanished, replaced by a sudden desire to know more about the boy in his arms.

His body shook as he pushed himself even closer, forcing Dakota’s long thick cock to slide down and wedge itself just under his once again full balls. He felt the hot thick pole sliding past them, the sticky pre cum coating the bottom of his sac, and he sighed, feeling like, well like this was something so much more than what he had ever thought sex could be. It was different in that this time he didn’t even think about what it would be like to be with someone, instead it was more of wondering what it would be like in ten or twenty years when he and Dakota made love, as if he knew in some dark secret place of his soul that Dakota would be his forever, and he his. The warmth grew hotter and yet at the same time it cooled him, easing the panic of feeling that long thick pole rubbing between his legs, driving him crazy and he knew that when it finally did enter his body it would be a sensation that he would never want to end, not now, not then, not ever.

The touch of his hard throbbing pole against the leathery pouch of Noah’s balls made his heart suddenly stop, as if it was waiting for the pleasure he was feeling to suddenly be taken away, and for a mere flash of an instant he was sure it would end, and then suddenly he felt the press of Noah’s body into his, more urgent, more powerful than ever and his heart was amazed, stunned even and he gasped for air as he struggled to understand, struggled to make sense of the boiling emotions that suddenly came bubbling up from deep within. He could hear that voice telling him that one day he would find someone who wanted him, the person and not the perfect stud image that people had of him, and when that happened he would feel overwhelmed and that as much as he would try, the feeling would never end, never leave him and that each time he touched his special friend, each time they would meet, it would be a lesson in love that he would never tire of learning. Funny, he had never believed it possible, and when life had intruded to take that one person who knew his heart so well, he had never believed that what he was feeling now would ever happen, but it was, just as he had said and tears rolled faster down his cheek as his body grew hotter, his desire came up in waves that did overwhelm his mind.

He felt the body shuddering as his body continued to press into the other and he could feel the sweat dripping between their bodies as his tongue dove deeper down into the long narrow throat. He could feel Dakota’s breath filling his own lungs as he pushed his body inwards even harder, feeling the hot hard skin of Dakota’s cock pushing up against his balls, pressing the full sac into the root of his own throbbing cock. All 6 inches were buried up along the rolling muscles of Dakota’s belly and he could feel them coiling and shaking to his touch. It was all so surreal even as he could hear himself breathing, panting even and he knew that Dakota was puffing too, as if they were too animals and yet there was something tender too about the way they held each other, even as their mouths seemed locked in a titanic struggle over which tongue would hold control. He could feel Dakota’s tongue as it licked and tickled the underside of his own probing tongue. He felt and tasted Dakota, feeling the strange taste drive his body even faster, drive his hips forward in a strong crushing motion, at the same time forcing Dakota’s hard thick throbbing pole to move upwards into his balls, forcing his body to shake and shudder to its fiery touch.

Everything was spinning around in his head, dots and flashes of pin point lights passed across his vision as his whole body shook, screaming out in pure agony from being held back and as he struggled with those wild thoughts, he felt Dakota’s fingers digging into the flesh of his lower back. The fingers digging hard into his body, the pain almost unbearable and yet he knew that he wanted more, that his own fingers were pressing in just as hard. His legs were like thick steel girders as he swung one over both of Dakota’s shuddering limbs. He felt the fire touch him deeply inside as his leg pressed down, pinning Dakota down and his tongue stopped for a brief pause, too long really as it was suddenly pushed aside by the tingling top of Dakota’s tongue.

Nothing seemed real to him now as first there were spots of lights, all sorts of lights of all colours and then he could see the shadow figure of Dakota leaning against Rusty’s locker, then suddenly he could see that smile, more dots, more flashes and he grew frightened as his mind simply shut down. There was a distant roar in his head that was growing as his body continued to press, continued to shake and shudder and all the time all he could think about was that Dakota had said he had something special, that he wasn’t like the others, and his body suddenly seemed to float. For a mere moment in time he couldn’t feel anything but a sort of floating feeling, like he was suddenly being lifted up in the air, that a gust of wind so strong had taken hold of him. His legs no longer had any feeling and his hands were numb as he struggled to breathe.

It had been a long since he felt like this but then it wasn’t like this then either, it had been different and yet not. Dakota felt confused and yet felt like this was something he had always desired, always wanted, and now his search seemed to be over because this was it, this was how it should be as his body continued to fill his mind with strange but familiar sensations. Something was happening to him and for a brief second his eyelids opened, he saw the face before him, so close that he could see every pore, every tiny little blemish or hair even. His eyes took it all in and yet they were only open for less than a second. He could see the way the soft white flesh of Noah’s nose flared and puffed out as he tried to breathe, he could see the tiny little nose hairs just barely noticeable under the one flaring nostril, he could also see the long thin eye lashes, the way they fluttered from the hot breath that seemed to be between them, like a cushion of air that kept them from crushing each other. The lips were crushed up against his own and yet even as his own tongue was pushing out and into Noah’s mouth, his brief look had shown him the deep purple red of that hot wet organ, the one that was still tasting him, still reaching around to lick at the very inside of his own cheeks. All of it he saw in that brief glimpse and as it all registered inside, he felt the sudden press of his balls, felt their urgent push upwards and he groaned; the sound barely audible as Noah’s mouth eagerly opened up wider, sucking in the very words along with Dakota’s darting thick tongue.

He tasted the strange taste, marvelling at its sweetness and then its saltiness. Dakota could feel Noah moaning but he heard nothing but the roar of his heart as it pushed him further, forcing his own body to meet the urgent press of Noah’s hot sweaty young body. He felt the hard hot cock climbing up his belly, only a small amount of pre cum helping to push it along, and he could feel his own pre cum oozing out, coating the underside of Noah’s balls and even further back, coating the tiny warm moist spot where Noah’s 6 inch cock grew from. He shuddered thinking about that, wondering what it would taste like, wondering how it would feel to have his own milk mixing with the warm hot sweat that now pooled there? Every part of his body suddenly seemed to be burning and the ache in his groin was starting to overwhelm him, as he pressed harder into Noah’s own pressing body.

Noah’s body was pressing hard and suddenly he could feel Dakota’s hand holding his bucking hips, pulling him closer, pulling him on top and he cried out as his hard pole went pushing further up on Dakota’s full body. His lungs ached from lack of air but he didn’t care as he gasped for air, his mouth swollen by the thick tongue now reaching inside of it, now pressing up against the very back of his throat and he gagged a little on the raspy tongue that was tasting him. He couldn’t explain it, his mind no longer able to even tell which feeling was coming from where, all he could see was strange dots, strange flashes of light as his body heaved, and his cock grew harder, grew hotter and he felt his own hands wrapping around Dakota. His legs were on top now, his mind drawing a blank as he felt a fire licking at his very soul, lighting it and burning it

His arms were numb as he shivered a bit, then he felt the growing thunder inside, felt the blood leaving his head, leaving his toes even as they curled upwards, cramping even and yet he couldn’t do anything to stop it. It was all too much, despite all he had done during the evening, he couldn’t stop the rising press of his balls against his cock, and it was almost as if Dakota’s own stomach was holding his cock, was surrounding it from deep inside of his skin and he felt the sweat rolling down his heaving chest as he tasted more of Dakota’s tongue, feeling it press deep down into his throat.

Nothing he could do could stop him, his head reared back and they broke apart as his groin exploded into a million pieces or so it seemed. The fire within didn’t die down or even stop from burning him deeply as he felt his whole body collapsing. His legs tightened their hold on the thick throbbing pole between and yet his whole lower body was shaking, moving as if it had simply exploded. Noah could feel the jerking flash of his cock head, feel it shake as it suddenly reared back and then in that same instant press forward like a speeding bullet. The heat was too much as he felt his body surrender to his desire, felt the hot cream come boiling out from deep in his scrotum, his hips suddenly squeezing his own body tightly as his cock blew apart.

A hot stream of milk came flying out from the detonating head of his cock, showering them both with its thickness and its warmth. A strange new scent permeated the air around them as he breathed it in deeply, as best as he could as he felt his buttocks squeezing downwards, his hips inwards, his groin upwards and he knew that his cream was coating the heaving torso beneath him, as well as his own. His eyes blinked, seeing reds and greens, feeling nothing but a strange new warmth in his whole body, or at least in the parts he could feel.

He shuddered and moaned as his cum came flowing out in one strong stream. Noah could even fell Dakota’s heart beating now, feel it thundering in his chest as his own heaving body rested on top. His hands were numb, laying to the side of his still quivering body, his legs were like taut bands of steel, stretched to their breaking point and beyond and in the middle of it all he could feel the hot pole, feel the burning flesh that lay between his legs. He knew in that second what he needed, the fear no longer stopping him.

Noah “Take me Dakota, please, give it to me now”

The voice was penetrating, urgent even if not plain desperate. His whole body was still shaking, still reeling form the hot stinging splash of Noah’s cum and his body was in shock, unsure of what to do as he felt the hot cream burning his chest, mingling with their sweat, pooling between their still heaving bodies.

Dakota “Noah… you…”

He could hear his own voice, his own pleading voice but that was so long ago or so it seemed, he couldn’t be hearing that again and yet he knew in his heart it was his voice, then he heard the other voice, not Noah’s, but HIS voice and he grew frightened.

Noah “Don’t, don’t speak, please, oh God, I want it inside, I want to feel it, please Dakota”

Dakota “Where are the Condoms, God, I need a condom, where are they?”

Didn’t Dakota understand? He couldn’t wait, he needed to feel that hot pole between his legs inside of him, he couldn’t wait, he needed it now, to feel it spread his rectum open and fill him with what he needed. The urgency of his desire was too much, tears from fear that the moment of his courage would pass spurred him on, urging Dakota to give him what he so desperately needed, what they both urgently needed.

Noah “Forget them, God, take me now, while, shit please… I need you inside, I have to feel it now, please…”

Dakota “NO, I can’t, where, there has to…”

Noah “NOW God Dakota NOW PLEASE!”

Dakota “NO! NO I WON’T”

He had no idea how he found the strength or the courage but his hands were up and he had pushed Noah off his heaving body. The cum was still moist in places as he jumped out of the bed. His lungs ached as he struggled for air, struggled to breathe and yet as he did, he also knew that this was their moment of truth. He couldn’t do what Noah wanted, not if he cared for him, not if all he had already gone thru was to have any meaning and he prayed for the words, knowing that this would be his only chance for a life that he had always hoped for.

The sudden force of Dakota’s hands startled him, he didn’t know what was happening, one second he was begging to have Dakota inside of him and now he was suddenly pushed away, pushed aside and tears welled up, fear took hold even as the anger started to grow deep inside of him. What had he done? Hadn’t Dakota wanted to do it only a short time earlier? Why was he now being punished, was it because he had cum too early again? He couldn’t hold back and his voice was high and frightened as he tried to recapture that moment.

Noah “Please, Dakota I am sorry, please, I want you, I mean it, I am not afraid anymore, please, come back, take me, put it in me now, please…”

Dakota could barely breathe, his lungs ached so much and the sweat was slowly stopping, the room’s night air cooling him as he felt the chill now. His body shivered as he turned to see Noah sitting up on the bed. He saw the way he looked, terror filling the soft white face as he spoke, the truth of his words clearly evident in how his whole body seemed to be shaking. He knew Noah didn’t understand, didn’t realize what he had asked and he too wasn’t so sure that he understood. Looking at Noah, seeing his face, the tears, he knew that as much as he didn’t understand it all, he had done what was right, now all he had to do was try to explain it.

Dakota “I want to, Shit you don’t know how much I want to, but I can’t, not without a condom, I just can’t.”

Noah “But I am clean, honest, I have never been with someone, never, not a girl, not a guy, no one, please, don’t you believe me? Oh God, please Dakota, you have to believe me!”

Noah was resting on his hands, his body leaning forward as he sat on the bed, his legs under him and he could feel lost, feel desperate as he struggled to figure out what it was that had made something so wonderful suddenly turn so cold, so empty. What had he done?

Dakota “I do, it isn’t that, it’s me, I have been with others, you know that, I can’t, don’t you see? I couldn’t live with myself if, don’t you know that I care? Christ I want to feel you so badly, look, can’t you tell? I am shaking, I am sorry, I can’t do it, not this way, not like this”

Noah “I trust you, please, I don’t care about who you have been with, I need you Dakota, please, fuck me… please… make me yours, take me, please”

Dakota “NO! No, no matter how much I want to, how much you do, I can’t, not without protection, not again, never again Noah, I can’t”

Noah “Again? Dakota what, I am clean I swear it, I couldn’t get anything, I have never been with anyone, please, why won’t you believe me? Don’t you want me? I’ll do it anyway you want, please…”

It was like listening to himself almost three years ago, or was it less? He couldn’t remember now, even though at times it seemed like it had only been yesterday but he knew it wasn’t that soon nor was it that long ago either. He shivered more as the anger took hold but not anger of hatred, or of disappointment, but instead an anger borne out of what he thought was love, at least he hoped that was it.

Dakota “STOP IT! Damn it, stop it, don’t you get it?”

Noah “No, I don’t… FUCK! Are you? I mean…”

It was like a light had suddenly gone on, he could see it in Noah’s face the way he had stammered for a minute or two, then the way his face suddenly grew chalk white. He could see it written all over his young face, in his eyes, in the way he suddenly held himself even.

Dakota “Positive? No, I am not, but…”

Noah “But? If you aren’t, then why won’t you? I mean is it me?”

Dakota “No, Christ you are everything I want Noah, can’t you see that? It is because you are that I can’t, because if anything was to happen because I gave in and didn’t use a condom, I have seen it Noah, I have seen how knowing that can ruin a person, can make them hate themselves and make them… trust me Noah, if you really do want me, then it can wait till we get some protection, or are you afraid that you won’t want me later?”

Noah “No, I want you later, I want you now too”

Dakota “You can’t have me now, I can’t, not if I meant what I said”

Noah “Said?”

Dakota “That I wanted more than sex, if that was the truth, then you can’t have me now, it would make that a lie, I want no lies between us… I couldn’t handle that, don’t you see?”

Noah “No, but it isn’t you who, I mean how can me wanting you make what you said a lie?”

Dakota “Cause, caring for a person isn’t about giving them what they ask for, its giving them what is real, giving them more than what they think they want.”

The tears were rolling down his face as he turned away from Noah. He couldn’t bear to look at him, to see the disappointment in his eyes or the fear in his face either. He really did care for him, he didn’t know really why he felt the way he did but the pain in his heart was too much for him. He couldn’t stand seeing pain, seeing such disappointment and he took a step forward, started to bend down to pick up his fallen underwear, thinking that maybe it would be best if he left, if he just went away so as not to cause Noah anymore grief.

Noah saw Dakota bend, his heart suddenly felt like it would break into a million pieces. He didn’t understand what had happened but something inside of him was alive now and it struggled to raise its voice within, to guide him but it was fighting with his mind, feeling the anger inside as well as the frustration. It wasn’t right, he had done what he thought Dakota had expected, had wanted and yeah he did want to have him inside, to feel that monster dick slice into him so why was he leaving?He saw the threadbare underwear in Dakota’s hand, and in that second he knew this was his last chance, and he jumped off the bed, racing towards Dakota’s bent frame.

Noah “Don’t, please…”

Dakota “I think I should Noah, I am sorry, I didn’t want to…”

Noah “What? What didn’t you want to do?”

Dakota “hurt you… I am sorry”

Noah “If you put those on and leave, then you will be hurting me”

Dakota looked up, his eyes brimming with tears as he looked into Noah’s face, and he saw that Noah was telling him the truth. He didn’t know what to do; his heart ached, as he felt torn, uncertain about all that had happened. His body shook and then he felt Noah’s hand on his arm, pushing it down a little, and he stared at Noah. He let the arm holding his underwear drop to his side and then he watched as Noah reached down and took the thin pair of shorts out of his fingers.

Noah felt how threadbare the shorts were and he glanced down at them, and then he brought them up to his cheek, crushing them against his face and he breathed in deeply, letting the thin fabric brush against the side of his face. He then reached out and took Dakota’s hand into his and brought him closer to him. He let the underwear fall to the floor between them and he noticed how Dakota watched them fall and then raise his head, to look questioningly into Noah’s face.

He put both hands on the sides of Dakota’s face, his fingers brushing aside the falling tears and then, keeping his eyes open, he bent his face to the side and very lightly he let his lips brush up against the trembling pair of Dakotas. His heart roared and then settled back down at the moment their two mouths touched and he could taste the salt from Dakota’s tears mingling with his own. Strange, but he felt happy right now, pleased even as he let their two faces pull back apart. His jaw softened as he stared into the dark chocolate eyes that had so mesmerized him earlier in the day and he could feel the power that lay behind them. He knew he wanted to feel that power, that desire but that it would have to be in its own time, not when he thought it was right, but when the power itself did and somehow he knew that wasn’t far off.

Dakota “Noah…”

Noah put his fingers to Dakota’s lips, hushing him and then he smiled, a small smile but one that made Dakota quiver all over. He then led him back to the bed, and then as Dakota climbed in, he pulled the sheets up and walked slowly towards his bedroom door, where the light switch was. With a flick of his fingers he turned off the lights and came carefully back to the bed where he climbed in under the covers to snuggle next to Dakota’s tense and waiting body. He put his arms around him, and rested his head on the broad shoulder of Dakota, feeling the warmth once more invade his whole body.

“Thank you Dakota” was all he said as he closed his eyes, listening to Dakota’s breathing and then after a few moments, he felt Dakota place his arm over his back and bring his hand to rest over his own shoulder, that laid across the beating chest of Dakota. Noah breathed in deeply, smelling the scent of his body and that of Dakota’s as well, feeling like they were meant to be together. His heart no longer felt uneasy as he listened to Dakota’s heart beating, feeling each steady even beat. He snuggled in closer, feeling Dakota’s arm pulling him in as well and he felt the peace of knowing that he was finally loved.

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