No I Didn’t Quite Forget This Site

Life just sucks sometimes, and I’ve been busy, but I haven’t forgotten about this site.  I do like it, and am planning on some major changes to it, over the weekend I hope.


First off, the stories are what matters to me, least in this blog.  But they are looking stale, need some format changes, so that is a big project, but doable.

Second, the theme is way old, time for something fresh and new.  That will be sooner than later, and yeah, I actually went out and bought one.  It is rather nice, that I hope will enhance the stories, once I re format them.

Third is the whole porn crap. I make money off of it, but honestly, I wanted this blog to be about the stories, not about the various naked guys. So I am planning to turf most of those, use images to enhance the stories, but not be all that more.  There will still be a porn category, for those particular scenes, that actually inspire me, make me want to write a short story, or heaven forbid, another novel.

Fourth, this is my personal blog, so it should have things that matter to me, to share with all who visit.  Some of that really doesn’t mix well with adult stories, so that goes on a more ‘news’ type blog I have. But there are things, that are more gay orientated, that should be noted, so that is another category coming.

I haven’t done much writing lately, but hopefully I will be getting back into it, and this is where you will find them, first.  Other than that, well eventually you will find them on Amazon, for the Kindle.

Hey, a guy has to pay the hosting bills somehow.

Anyways, just a quick note to let you all know, about the changes, and that if you can’t find something, it isn’t gone, just being retooled so it’ll be more fun to read, to enjoy.


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