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With a new layout, and design, the navigation has been slightly changed.

Now don’t panic, things really are all still here, just being displayed a bit different.

If you look up at the top of the page, you will see a grey bar, which is where the ‘pages‘ will be listed.  Just below the site name, is a blue bar, that has the ‘post categories’ listed.

Home > Eye Candy Central > FREE Stories > News.

In order to not confuse things, and have a whole raft of categories showing in that bar, I have placed ALL OF THE STORY CATEGORIES UNDER THE ONE MAIN LISTING    [ FREE Stories ]

The hot naked guys are under the heading  Eye Candy Central.

If you ‘ mouse over ‘ any of them, a drop down box appears, that you can click. Also, the sidebar has the full list displayed, so really, it is just a way to keep the page looking cleaner.

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