Wednesday’s Story

dentist timeThis could be a fun week, and not in the ha ha type of fun either.

Off to see the doctor for some pain killers and antibiotics, as dummy me, has put off going to see a Dentist for way too long.

Especially after breaking a few teeth, which have now nicely gotten infected, or at least feels like they have. So the pain is just, well, time to have it dealt with so fair warning.

If and that is a BIG IF, there is a story for wednesday, it could be rather odd, as I expect to be on some pain killers and stuff. Tomorrow is the day to have it looked at, today the day to get the pills, and most likely wednesday the day to get it fixed, I HOPE.

Moral of the story, don’t put this shit off, man it hurts.

So there simply may NOT BE a story this wednesday.

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