This Sucks Big Time

KlutzWell, you may have noticed a few pictures & banners are missing.

Seems that in my cleanup of old plugins and my feeble attempt at trying to get rid of  some dodgy code from hackers etc. I managed to also delete the banners and pictures that were uploaded normally.

Those pictures uploaded via the image plugin are still here, but that is about it.

So this is going to take a lot of time to sort out, so bear with me, because I am really a klutz.

Talk about feeling like a butthead.

I shall attempt to gradually replace them, but it is a long process. In the meantime the theme has also changed, which is just one more headache to deal with. However it avoids the old headaches,  and yes the story updates will continue. It is the old stuff that is going to be looking naff for a little.


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