No Stories on Saturdays

I know some have looked forward to a story on Saturday’s but, well there are just so many hours in a day, and frankly the return just isn’t all that great.

Not your fault either, but my own, as I have spread myself way too thin in this web stuff.

So I am going to make some drastic changes, to better serve my goal, which is to write.

At the same time, I don’t want to get burned out by writing either, and there are over 200 free stories here, so don’t you think it is time for a bit of a break?

Let’s be honest, you come to get off, whether to read a sexy story or to stare at some of the hot guys, or naked guys, that get shown here. Now that is cool, because well, David does a lot of that, himself, so why shouldn’t others?

I just need to take time and start writing the stories I really like, not worry about deadlines and all that stuff, along with maybe finally get my fat ass into gear, to get on with a novel I have been thinking of. At the same time, I need to properly address my business concerns here, such as making some cash to pay for the hosting, the time involved in updates.

I think that if I concentrate more on quality, and less on quanitity, it can help make your visit here more enjoyable. At the same time, it will let me find new sponsors, to hopefully please your taste in naked men, and who knows, entice to give them a try. That means a bit of extra cash in the old wallet, and let’s face it, these days, every little bit helps.

So no stories on Saturday, as I am going to one new short story per week. Whether that will continue to be Wednesday or not, I am not sure yet. However, I will keep to one new story per week.


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