Politics of Being Gay

While this site is about Fantasy, about Dreams, this is IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE GAY.

I suppose we can keep our heads buried in the sand, and simply run to escape life, through watching endless videos of guys banging each other, or reading even sex stories till our eyes are blurry. It won’t change anything, might even make us feel better for a few minutes or however long it takes to watch the video, read the story.

Problem is, when we are finished, we will still have to deal with Life, with the bigots and racists out there who want to hate us, who want to keep us from enjoying our lives. I don’t get their hatred, doubt if anyone does, but it exists. From wanting to pass laws to keep us second class citizens, to using our services to defend a country, then toss us aside afterwards, simply because we are Gay. Makes no sense, but it is reality.

Now Proposition 8 in California is just one more attempt at doing just that. It is winning too, which is a surprise, but then they have some powerful backers. Lots of money being spent, to DENY EQUAL RIGHTS TO GAYS. Fact is that a NO VOTE ON PROP 8 will insure Religious Freedom seems unimportant to these bigots.

Yet we have an opportunity to turn the tide, by helping to SUPPORT THE NO SIDE. That means putting the money where the mouth is. By donating hard cash in a time when it seems there are more important issues to spend our cash on, but frankly, there really isn’t. Supporting the right to be Free is not cheap, nor is it secondary to surviving. Without Freedom, what is left?


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