The Legal Bullshit
Courtesy of the US Congress

Free Speech

Personal Opinion by Gaystoryman

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You would think, that in this day and age, that simple freedoms that were hard fought for over the centuries, would be tamper proof. However, that isnít the case as it seems that many object to Free Speech. The biggest objection comes from the man who should be in the lead to protect such rights, George W. Bush, President of the United States .

It isnít the case, nor is the Congress bothering too much either. Instead, the right of Religious Freedom seems to take precedence over everything, but with one tiny exception. You can have that freedom, but only if you believe in God, the way that these Members of Congress, Senate, and White House do. If not, well then you are evil, unpatriotic, and also out on a limb.

2257 is a law, aimed at protecting children from unwarranted exposure to adult content. It is also to prevent the illegal exploitation of minors. I can accept that, which is one reason I actually take advantage of rating services, to insure that my site is not accidentally stumbled upon by some kid.

Fact is though, that is about the only extend of what any webmaster can do, if they want to exist. The real responsibility for insuring that minors or adults, donít access objectionable material is to simply monitor where you go. I mean come on, if you see a listing for Ďgaystorymaní do you really think it wonít be about homosexual fiction?

Parents want me to baby sit. Sorry but I am too busy looking after Mom, writing and trying to make a living at this Internet game. I am not a babysitter, nor should any webmaster be asked to be one. That is what being a Parent is about. The willingness to sacrifice for your child, and if that means you have to sit with them, to see what they surf, then you damn well should be doing it.

The companies I deal with on this site, that supply images, and such are all compliant with the US Regulations. That is there job, and they do it well. My job is to write, to give you the entertainment you are seeking. It is not to be a policeman, to check your id, or your beliefs.

If you donít like fags, fine, donít go reading my stories then bitch that its filth or has nothing but sex in it. I didnít force you to read the stories, so grow up and get a life. If your kid happens on this site, same goes. It is YOUR JOB, not mine, and unless you are willing to pay me to watch your kid, then stop your bitching.

I am a Canadian, I am Gay, Married, and Proud of it. I love my life, my country, and I hate being told what to do, by some religious nutcase, looking to score cheap shots at the expense of hard working people, like myself. We have the right to say what we think, and until Stephen Harper can manage to stop it, well whatever the US Congress wants, can get stuffed. I live, work, and this site is hosted in Canada .

Politicians in the United States have this idea, that what they do, is for everyone. It is their mission to tell the rest of the world what it has to do, or canít do. Well it just doesnít work that way. 2257 is a useless law, as it doesnít stop one minor from accessing any adult site, nor does it stop the exploitation of minors by unscrupulous morons, who are into that shit.

Frankly, those who disagree are welcomed to say so. I have no problems with the Religious Right saying most of what it says about me, and yes I take it personal. That is as it should be, because I should have the same right, the same ability to speak my mind, without interference, or fear of being censored. With many young men & women dying in the Middle East , it is too bad that some politicians forget just what it is they are dying for.

Bush & Harper can speak about Democracy, but before you start trying to force it down otherís throats, how about insuring that it is protected in your own country? Free Speech gives birth to new ideas, it challenges old beliefs, and isnít that what democracy is all about? To be challenged, to be allowed to dream?

This site is about Free Speech. It is about trying to let others understand some things, about letting them be who they are, without judgment. However, even if no one agrees, this site will still exist. It is my right, to disagree, to be opinionated, and to keep on shouting, even if no one hears, or listens.

It is my way of expressing MY opinion, a right I have as a Canadian Citizen, a right many in the USA no longer have.